Children’s Day

November 14, 2018

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” The teachers of our school made sure that November 14 was indeed priceless. The air was filled with excitement as all of us milled into the AV Room, decked up all in our fineries. The much-anticipated program began with the two MC’s enjoying a witty to-and-fro before the first act of the morning took place – a dance that beautifully blended tradition with trend as our teachers set a classical dance to the beats of fusion music. Next came a Tamil poem encouraging us to soar, in the language of the verse. This was followed by a well-applauded play that took inspiration from Bahubali with our teachers skilfully playing majestic and hilarious roles. One of our teachers mimicked everyone’s favourite movie stars. Adding to the fun, was a western song rendition by another teacher. The assembly ended with a game that brought us to fits of laughter. It was a special day that brought smiles to our faces and happiness to our hearts. Thank you Acharyas.

- Ananya Vijay Ganesh, grade VIII

A treat for the tiny tots from their Acharyas to celebrate Children’s Day !

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