Celebrating Birthdays at Hari Shree

At Hari Shree we encourage kids to celebrate their birthdays in a simple manner. The key idea is “Go for individually wrapped (preferably in butter paper instead of plastic) non-fried Indian sweets made preferably with unrefined sugar and less fat”.

The guidelines given below are to be followed strictly.

Items that will not be allowed for distribution:

  • Chocolates and Cakes (even if these are made at home)
  • Indian sweets high in fat and sugar like milk sweets, laddus, mysorepak, etc.
  • Any kind of gifts, even as simple as a pen or an eraser.

Suggested items for distribution.

  1. Fresh fruits like apples, oranges, kiwis, mangoes, pears, lychee, guava, etc.
  2. Dry fruit laddus or burfies
  3. Chikkis – peanuts, almonds, mixed nuts, sesame, puffed rice, bengal gram, beaten rice, coconut, etc.
  4. Payatha (green gram) laddu or Rava laddu (healthier substitute for deep fried besan laddu.)
  5. Kesari, pumpkin/carrot/beetroot halwas with less fat
  6. Honey coated nuts
  7. Dry fruit mix (varieties of dried fruits and nuts loosely mixed)
  8. Plant saplings can be distributed as gifts.
    (If you have any other “Go Green” suggestions, please let us know.)

Please note that,

  • keeping hygiene in mind, only individually wrapped sweets will be allowed for distribution. The other main reason is, if the kids do not like eating it at least they can take it home rather than dumping it in the dustbin.
  • Elaborate packages of sweets and savories or any gift items brought to school for distribution will be sent back home. (Please help us not to disappoint your child on his/her birthday.)

If you identify any caterers or vendors who can make HSV-compliant sweets for birthday distribution, please email us the details. We can share it with all parents on this page.

Quantity: The quantity depends on the personality of your child! There are children who do not like to wear color clothes or distribute sweets and like to keep their birthday a low key celebration restricted to a very small group of friends! There are kids who distribute to pretty much every one in all sections at his/her grade level and friends from other grades and go to all the staff rooms and distribute to most teachers, the admin staff, the ayyammas, the security guards and the bus drivers! It is entirely up to you and your child to decide the span of the distribution circle. The approximate count is given below for each category to help you make a reasonably close estimate:
- Each class has a maximum of 30 kids. (You can find out from your Class Parent the exact number in your class.)
- Classes 2-6 have four sections, Classes 7 to 10 have three sections and Classes 11 & 12 have two sections each.
- Eight staff rooms with at least a dozen teachers in each during lunch/snack break.
- About 15 more teachers in Resource, music, art, lab & PT rooms put together
- Admin staff & Support staff

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