Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

Story Telling
October 7, 2017

The Story telling workshop by Mr. Craig Jenkins, a renowned story teller  from UK, was on how to explore the  use of hand gestures, facial expressions, characterization and voice modulation to present stories in a fun, exciting and educational way. His session started with a few games which could be implemented in class to increase the  focus and concentration of children.

Social Research Methodology
October 9, 2017

The Sociology, Psychology and History students of grade XI and XII attended a guest lecture by Dr. Vijo Varghese Vincent, Research Associate at the International Justice Mission, on Social Research Methodology. He told the students about research design, validity of research, sampling methodology and the need for ethics and morality while conducting research. The students also sought guidance on doing their projects.

“The workshop was extremely useful as I learnt the different types of research, data analysis, sampling and also how projects are formulated. I am definitely sure that this will be a lesson I won’t forget. The person teaching this was very informative”

 - Varsha Babu, XI

“… it greatly helped me with several concepts that I was having trouble with. Through the lecture I found out how to properly and professionally research on a topic and the different methods and processes used to do so. This guest lecture helped me understand how to do my projects in the future.”

- Samyukt Vasu, XI

“…We learnt various new methods that were previously unknown to us and also we learnt about the norms and ethics of research. Overall it was an enriching experience”

- Sidhant, XI 

Tamil Literature – History
October 2017

The students of grade IX had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Jayalakshmi, Ms. Tamilselvi and Ms. Mangalam from the Department of Tamil during the History period. The teachers shared information on the significance of Tirukkural and how Tirukkural is applicable in our daily lives. The session also had an overview of Sangam Literature and the literary works like Silapadikaaram and Manimekalai.

Nervous Control and Co-ordination – Biology
October 2017

Nervous Control and Co ordination for class XI by Dr. Shiv Bhushan Sharma from Chettinad Health City

Career Counselling – Commerce
October 2017

The students of grade XI and XII attended a Career Guidance session by Ms. Sujatha Balakrishnan, Head of the Department of Commerce from Ethiraj College on ‘Career Guidance and Career Options in Commerce.’

“The career guidance session was very highly helpful as we got an insight into career options for the future. 

 -  Guru Raj XII and Valli Nayagam, grade XII

“The session was really interesting as she explained about how the choice of institution is really important for higher education. It also gave us an insight on how to prepare for college.

- Ashwin and Shreya, grade XII.

Soil Erosion and Weathering – Geography
October 2017

Ms. Radha Varadarajan spoke to the students of grade VII on ‘Soil Erosion and Weathering’. She gave us an insight into the difference between weathering and erosion and the different ways to conserve the soil. The lecture was supported by practical demonstration of soil cookies with and without roots, which made us understand the importance of roots in preventing soil erosion.

- Advaith Menon, grade VII

Art of Brochure Making
October 13, 2017

The interactive session for the students of VII Maragatham with Ms. Fathima on designing a brochure demonstrated how both pictures and text convey a powerful message. The group activity enabled us to design the basic outline for our brochure on ‘The Art of Composting’. The session also enlightened us on the need to keep in mind the target audience and the effective way to approach them.

- Ananya V Ganesh, Grade VII

Paper Conservation 
October 13, 2017

Mr. Ramanan from ITC WOW spoke to the students of VIII Pavazham. His visit was an eye opener to realize how India is one of the major contributors to wasting paper. The informative videos and ppts on recycling paper showed how the garbage load in India can be reduced by nearly 25%.

- Mahendra Kurup, Grade VIII

Ayyam Ittu Unn – Give before you Eat 
October 13, 2017

Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine addressed the students of IX Neidhal and VI Roja on food wastage and the consequences of wasting food which includes poverty and shortage of food for the future generations. She gave us precise statistics and data on where and how much food gets wasted every day. She told us about the community fridge which has been placed in Besant Nagar which works on the principle of anonymous donation of food , clothes, toys etc. This gives an opportunity for the needy to use the things available there without hurting their dignity.

-  Akhilan Ravichandran and Deekshanya, Grade IX

Energy Management by Mr. Narsimhan Santhanam
September 2017

Guest Lecture for students of grade X Madhuvanti by Mr. Narsimhan Santhanam, founder of EAI (Energy Alternative India).  Under his guidance, the students are working on a project to learn about energy consumption and alternatives.

Waste Management by Mr. Rangarajan 
September 2017

Students of grade VII Vairam had a session with the secretary of the RA Puram Residents Association, Mr. Rangarajan, on neighbourhood waste management activities.

Story Telling by Ms. Sri Vidya
September 2017

The students of grade II had an interactive story telling session with Ms.Sri Vidya from Story Trails.

Reproductive Health by Dr. Radha
September 2017

Guest Lecture on Reproductive Health by Dr. Radha Pandiyan from Chettinad Health City.

Gene Expression by Dr.Sheikh Ahmed
September 2017

Dr. Sheikh Ahmed spoke to Biology students of grade XII on gene expression and its regulation

Structure of the Eye by Dr. Adnan 
September 2017

Dr. Adnan Mohamed Mytheen spoke to students of grade X on the structure of the eye and its defects

Biotechnology for Dr.Kumar
September 2017

Dr. Kumar Ebenezer spoke to students of grade XII on Biotechnology and applications.

Water Conservation by Mr.Nityanand Jayaraman
August 2017

Noted environmentalist, Mr.Nityanand Jayaraman spoke to the students who are working on water conservation as part of Global Citizenship. He spoke on issues like the plight of Chennai rivers, rain patterns, ill effects of desalination plants, unplanned development and the usage of marsh lands as dump yards.

Making Seed Balls with Mr.Kamesh
August 2017

The students of grade VII Manickam, during their ‘Seedball Session’ with Mr.Kamesh of ‘Vizhithezhu Arakkattalai’, brainstormed on the problems faced by farmers and the reasons behind poor yield, food shortage and resultant farmer suicides. The hands on experience of making the seed ball is their baby step towards planting trees that would prevent soil erosion. The session culminated with the students making the Green Ganesha carrying the seed ball within him, ably assisted by Dorai Anna.

Rolling into Shape with Ms.Priscilla
August 2017

Students of grade VII Vaiduryam have basket weaving sessions, facilitated by Ms. Lois Priscilla, who is an expert in creating craft out of old and unused newspapers and magazines. 

Traffic Management with the local Traffic Police
August 2017

The students of IX Kurinji attended a session by the Chennai Traffic Police, led by C Alexander, Inspector of Police and M Venkateswaralu, Sub-Inspector of Police. The students had a hands on learning on Road Safety, Traffic Signals and Traffic Management. The interactive session made the students understand the effort that goes behind the day of a traffic policeman.  The students were given handouts of traffic signs to better understand the traffic regulation system.

Vegetable Cultivation with Mr.Jaishankar Kanappan
August 2017

Mr. Jaishankar of Kanchi Organic Farm guided the students of grade X Sahana and VIII Muthu on vegetable cultivation and  soil preparation. The students took the learning forward by sowing seeds in the school garden.

Finance by Mr.P.V Subramanyam
July 2017

Mr. P. V. Subramanyam, financial expert spoke to the students of grade XI and XII on the power of compounding and the necessity for smart investments. The topics ranged from household finances, accounting and banking to real income, mutual funds and insurance.

Dental Hygiene by Dr.Phanimala
July 2017

Dr. Phanimala, cosmetic dentist and dental surgeon, spoke to the students of grade IV on the importance of dental hygiene, besides showing them a presentation and video on the anatomy of the tooth.

An insight into AIDS by Mr.Sathish Kumar
July 2017

Mr SK Satish Kumar ,Training Manager at YRG CARE, spoke on how Aids is not only a disease but a judgement we have brought upon ourselves. He briefed the students on the disease, its prevention and treatment.

Cultivation of Crops by Mr.Radha Varadarajan
July 2017

Ms.Radha Varadarjan, our Sustainability Education consultant, spoke to students of grade V on crops and cultivation practices, with special emphasis on paddy cultivation.

Essential 21st century skills by Mr.Gupteswar Rao
June 2017

Mr.Gupteswar Rao addressed the students from grades VI to VIII on ‘Essential Skills to be possessed by 21st century students’


Archives – Field Trips / Excursions

Junior Campus Trips

House Visits

House-visits are cozy, safe, friendly and fun for the tiny tots. A yummy snack, a story to enjoy and the immense happiness in sharing your friends’ toys are some of the hall-marks of the house visits.

A Sneak Preview of the Senior Campus

Grade 1 students were thrilled to get a glimpse of their future classrooms, library, dining hall, computer lab, art room and more.

Annual Field Trips

Children along with their Parents and Acharyas enjoyed a fun filled Annual Field Trip to various locations.

Grade VI in Pondicherry

February 18, 2017

Students from grade VI had a day trip to Pondicherry where they walked along the promenade, saw the beach, visited the Aurobindo ashram, Government museum, aquarium and botanical garden. Team building activities and the enjoyable bus journey added to their experience.

Grade VIII in Kothagiri

February 10 – 14, 2017

The students of grade VIII went on a trip to Kothagiri where they camped in tents, participated in adventure sports and interacted with the indigenous people of the hills.

Grade VII in Yelagiri

February 10 – 14, 2017

Students of grade VII had an adventurous and fun filled trip to Yelagiri where they enjoyed a camp fire, trekking in the hillside and participated in team building activities.

Grade II visits ‘The Farm’

February 10, 2017

Students of grade II visited ‘The Farm’, an outdoor experience where they could pet farm animals, enjoy the green space and make their own pizza.

Grade III visits Dakshinachitra

January 27, 2017

Students of grade III went on a day trip to Dakshinachitra where they learnt about the culture, heritage and architecture of South India. They interacted with artisans and folk artists and rode in a bullock cart.

Grade IV at the Parle-G biscuit factory

October 21, 2016 

This is what the students had to say…..

We watched a video on how they manufacture biscuits and candies. We saw the process-making the dough, moulding, heating, cooling and packaging. They gave us biscuits to taste. Yum! We had lots of fun.

Grade IX in Uttaranchal and Nagerhole   

Students of grade IX had the option to visit Uttaranchal or Nagerhole as part of their outbound trip.

The Uttaranchal trip included trekking in the Himalayas, white water rafting in the Ganges and visiting the holy city of Rishikesh.

Class IX visits Nagerhole 

The students of grade IX who opted for Nagerhole enjoyed a few days in the wilderness.  A close encounter with an elephant and a safari completed their tryst with nature.

Grade XI and XII in Wayanad
August 28-September 2, 2016 

During their trip to Wayanad, students of grades XI and XII enjoyed mountaineering, camp stay and a visit to a cave and waterfall.

Grade X in Nagerhole
August 24 – 27, 2016  

Students of grade X had a unique and exciting experience of living in the wilderness in Nagerhole National Park. They enjoyed a wild life safari in the park.

Grade V in Mahabalipuram
July 29, 2016  

Taking in the history and architecture of Mahabalipuram

Friends make it so much fun!

At the Seashell musuem

Archives – Study Trips

Colours of Life

Art Elective students of grade X & XII visited the Art Houz Gallery and saw the works of 14 year old B.S Ganesh.

A walk down Annals of History – Grade X at Fort St. George

March 29, 2017 

Students of grade X took a trip down memory lane to Fort Museum in Fort St.George, reliving the British Raj.

A report by Rishi and Ashank:

As part of interdisciplinary learning, we visited Fort St. George. We had a taste of ‘Madras’ during the colonial times. We saw the uniforms used during the pre independence times besides the coins, artefacts, ornaments and art work. A visit to St. Mary’s church, a perfect example of Anglo Indian architecture, culminated the study tour.

Grade X visits Kancheepuram

March 25, 2017 

Students of grade X went on a study trip to rural areas in Kancheepuram to facilitate experiential learning as part of their Geography lesson in agriculture and also a culmination of the agri literacy programme as part of their grade IX SUPW. Ms. Radha Varadarajan, the agri literacy facilitator guided the students and teachers during the trip.

Report by Shriya and Ambika:

Kancheepuram greeted us with refreshing coconut water and kancheepuram idlis. Our first stop was to a farm where we had a hands on experience of transplanting paddy in the slushy fields. The talk on the process of cultivating rice made us appreciate the farmer’s efforts at feeding the nation. We also enjoyed a bullock cart ride and tried our hands at the Potter’s Wheel. The visit to a nearby temple gave us a glimpse into ‘Therukoothu’, where the artists were performing episodes from the Mahabharatha. The next stop was to a huge paddy field where we got to see a harvester in action, harvesting, winnowing and threshing the crops. The trip ended with a visit to a vegetable garden where we had a refreshing picnic under the shady trees.

Visit to Thiruvannamalai 

January 31, 2017

Students from the School Prefectorial Board, Interact Club and grade XI had the opportunity to visit Thiruvannamalai, where they interacted with the staff and students of Marudam School and met Mr.Govind, who is involved in restoring the forest area around the hills there. The students realized the need for adopting sustainable solutions on a war footing in order to conserve our limited natural resources.

Krithy Kumar, Asst. Press Co-ordinator who had the opportunity to be part of the team shares her experience -

I thought there was a difference between the problems faced by the students in the villages and the cities. This trip certainly changed my perspective of life and gave me a new essence to bonding. En route to Marudam Farm School, we visited the peaceful Tiruvanamalai temple. The experience of sitting on a rock in a park and listening to Mr.Govind, a man who has adapted himself to a lifestyle in harmony with nature, talk about how we can save humanity, gave me clearer idea as to why we should cherish each and every moment in our lives. When we reached the Marudam School, there was a very lively vibe. We learnt a village dance form called Kaliyiyal, made friendship bracelets, participated in a theatre class and interacted with the students over there. It was indeed a life-changing experience.

Grade VII Biology Field trip to Modern Bread Industries

January 18, 2017  

Students of grade VII visited Modern Bread Industries as an extension of their academic activity in Biology. They toured the baking unit and learnt the different processes carried out, from fermenting the dough till it turns out to be the bread sold in the market as ‘Modern Bread’.

Grade VII visit to Chennai Port

January 10 , 2017

The students of grade VII were taken on a field trip to Chennai Port in conjunction with their lesson on Hydrosphere. They were guided by an employee of the port who explained about the different types of ships docked there and their uses.  Here is what the children had to say..

‘We went on a field trip to Chennai Port. We learnt about the making and maintenance of different ships and their uses. This trip gave us an insight into how much work goes into the import and export of items, something that we took for granted all along.’

- Pranav and Tejas, Grade VII

Grade VIII visits Semmozhi Poonga

January 6, 2017

Students of grade IX visited the Semmozhi Poonga as part of their Biology study trip. Here is what they had to say..

‘The erstwhile Woodlands Drive-In hotel is now the land of woods. This poonga is home to over 500 species of plants and 100 species of trees. The moist air, dense flora and exotic plants separate you from the city.  This trip gave us a hands-on learning of the different characteristics of various plants.’

 - Thoshika B, Aakash.M, Sahana Bharadwaj – Grade VIII

Grade VI – Science

November 16 and 17 

Students of grade VI visited the Adyar Poonga, an ecological park set up by the Government of Tamil Nadu in the Adyar estuary. Students were guided through the premises by the Education Officer at the park and were shown videos on the restoration of this fragile ecosystem.

Grade IX, X and XI –Art

October 26, 2016 

Students of grade IX, X and XI who have opted for Art their elective, visited Art exhibitions at Art Houz Gallery and Lalit Kala Academy, which showcased the works of artists Mr.Vijay Pitchamani and Mr.Sivakumar (actor). They got the opportunity to interact with Mr.Vijay and understand the techniques involved, first hand.

Grade XI and XII – History

October 17, 2016 

History students of grade XI and XII visited the Egmore museum and Connemara Public Library to do research on topics for their internals.

Grade XI – Humanities

October 4, 2016

Humanities students of grade XI interacted with similar grade students of Srihari Vikasam. They got an opportunity to see their talents and understand how they overcome their challenges.

Class VI – Government Museum, Egmore

July 26, 2016  

As an extension of their History lesson, students of grade VI visited the Government Museum in Egmore to engage in experiential learning.

Admiring the ancient sculptures

Taking notes on interesting facts

Learning is fun!

A dinosaur comes alive!

Archives – Celebrations

Archives – Education for Sustainability

Sustainability means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At Hari Shree, we have initiated an Education for Sustainability programme which is implemented as part of SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work). Students from classes IV to X and class XII have one session per week whereas class XI has an extended session once a month. The curriculum for this programme has been specifically designed for Hari Shree by subject expert and sustainable strategic consultant Ms.Radha Varadarajan. Each grade level has a specific topic, all of which comes under the framework of Education for Sustainability.

Class IV – Rags to Riches

Learning Objective – Learning the importance of ‘upcycling’ old and used things through creative projects.

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class V – Nature Apprentice

Learning Objective – Beginner’s course in natural resources, their management and conservation

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class VI –Eat Right, Stay Bright

Learning Objective – The importance of eating right for a good life is highlighted through this program

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class VII – Eco Club

Learning Objective – Understanding good sustainability practices and learning how to be nature stewards

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class VIII – Money Matters

Learning Objective – A starter course in financial literacy which offers students the tools and techniques necessary to understand the economics of things

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class IX – Agri Literacy

Learning Objective – Hands on learning experience in agriculture

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class X – Equality and Empowerment

Learning Objective – Identifying gender equality and gender inequality. Exploring the role of women all over the world and the big idea of double dividend, learning what equality in race, religion, caste and creed means

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class XI – Facing the Future

Learning Objective – This program informs students about what might be in store for the future they face. Political, Social, Environmental and Technological challenges and opportunities ahead are discussed.

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Class XII – We Teach, We Learn

Learning Objective – Understand the nuances of teaching, learn to plan lessons and work with students of Sigappi School in the areas of communication and civic sense.

Please click here for pictures and details of the sessions

Quality Education, Equality Justice and Peace

Quality Education, Equality Justice and Peace

Education for All

10 students from grade XII visited GUVI, an IIT Madras incubated company to understand the process of content development. As part of their global citizenship project, these students have chosen to create engaging and accessible subject related content in vernacular languages for underprivileged children in corporation schools.

Traffic Congestion – A Daily Issue 

The students of Grade IX Kurinji are working on the intricacies of traffic management, with a special focus on roads leading to the school.

Local traffic policemen have guided the students on traffic management, signals etc. A hands-on session was conducted in the auditorium. Data was collected and a survey of modes of transportation has been done. It’s time now for action…

A hands-on session with the local Traffic Police

Getting into the nitty gritty of traffic signals..

Stop, Go… and much much more..

Yours Imperfectionally: Everyone is Beautiful 

Bullying and Body Shaming are unfortunate realities and the students of grade XI have decided to address this issue by creating awareness and sensitizing students and the community on the need for respect and tolerance. The various groups in the class are working on communication strategies like Public Service Announcements (PSA), Posters, a Street Play, Movies and Blogs.

Health, Fitness and Hygiene

Students of grade VIII Neelam are working on analysing health and fitness in the school and community and contributing to health and wellness at all levels. Their plan of action includes learning traditional fitness art from experts and healthy recipes from chefs. All the learning will culminate in a year end calendar incorporating the ideas.

Students of grade XII are going to present a Street Play and a Flash Mob to promote Health and Hygiene in the campus and neighbourhood.  A medical camp for the Akkas and Annas of the school will also be organized.


Water Conservation – Every Drop Counts

Water Conservation - Every Drop Counts

Students of grade VI Suryagandhi and X Desh are working on creating awareness and taking action on Water Conservation. They understood water conservation from different perspectives, starting with touring the school to see the rainwater harvesting system installed within the campus. They learnt about concepts like surface water and ground water.

Mr.Nityanand Jayaraman, noted environmentalist, speaks to the students on issues connected to water. He spoke about the plight of Chennai Rivers, rain patterns, ill effects of desalination plants, unplanned development and the usage of marsh lands as dump yards.

How do we go about our campaign to save water?

Ms.Radha Varadarajan gives the students an overview of the rainwater harvesting system installed in school. The learnt about the different points of water collection, reasons for water logging etc. Students calculated the amount of water collected in the structure for a given amount of rainfall.

Let’s spread the message…

A rally to save water… let’s spread the word… Every drop counts.

From Ambition to Action

12 students from the X Desh participated in an NGO organized, volunteer driven effort to clean the Mylapore Chitrakulam, a sacred tank believed to 20 centuries old.

Mylapore tank cleaning underway

So much trash in a part of a temple tank… imagine the plight of other water bodies..

Think Globally, Act Locally – Project Elixir  

The students of grade VII Manickam aims to conserve water through afforestation. They believe in the quote – “Dig a foot to plant a tree and save a 100 feet dig in search of water”.

It started with an awareness session in the form of a skit, scripted and enacted by the students. Mr.Kamesh of ‘Vizhithezhu Arakkattalai’, spoke to the students about seed ball preparation.  They also brainstormed on the problems faced by farmers and the reasons behind poor yield, food shortage and resultant farmer suicides. The hands on experience of making the seed balls is their first step towards planting trees that would prevent soil erosion. Since this activity coincided with Ganesh Chaturthi, the students put the seed balls in Ganesha moulds and made their own Green Ganeshas.

Mr.Kamesh talks to the students on farmer problems, food and water scarcity

A demonstration of  the seed ball making process

Green Ganesha – laying the seed balls in the Ganesha mould

Our eco-friendly Ganeshas are ready, we are happy and so is the environment

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Students of grade X Madhuvanti are planning to work on a project connected to energy conservation and management. Following ground work on the topic, like researching the school electricity bill, power consumed by different electrical gadgets, videos on solar power projects etc. they are having sessions with Mr.Narsimhan Santhanam, founder of EAI (Energy Alternatives India). The sessions focus on current energy usage in school and research into the possible alternatives, with a detailed cost benefit analysis.

Mr.Narsimham Santhanam and Mr.Ravi of Energy Alternatives India (EAI)

Energy Conservation… chalking out a plan of action

Waste Management

Waste Management

Based on a baseline study, students found out the requirements for waste segregation in school. They are working on segregating the waste from the kitchen and other places in the school into degradable and non degradable waste. The degradable waste will be dumped into an organic waste converter and the manure will be used for the plants in school. The students also plan to work in the neighbourhood to promote waste management practices.

Guest Lecture by Ms.Navneet Raghavan on the basics of Waste management and Segregation.

A walk around the school to understand the current waste management practices followed.

A presentation on the research, survey and findings..

A session with the secretary of the RA Puram residents association, Mr. Rangarajan on neighbourhood waste management activities. Plans are being made for the students to associate themselves with local neighbourhood activities.

Compost Buddies

Composting is the natural next step. The students of grade VI Sembaruthi wanted to make their own roller-type composting bin. The children were told that if they could come up with a prototype, the teachers would help them translate that into a working model.

Guest speaker Ms. Radhika demonstrated composting to the students, showed them videos explaining the process and different types of compost bins.

Students designed miniature bins using their own materials.

How will our idea translate into reality? Mr.Kalyanasundaram, workshop instructor from Annamalai Polytechnic (Chettinad Group Institution) guided and helped the students to make a proper working model, thus demonstrating that to a great mind, nothing is little.

Watching their plan take shape

Here it is…. our very own composting bin, which can be put to use with immediate effect.

Composting is the way to go… let’s involve everyone.. 

Students of VII Maragadam are working on spreading awareness about the process of composting through manuals, brochures, models etc.

Ideas galore… what’s the best way to spread knowledge?

Plastics… let’s reduce them. 

Students of grade VI Samandhi are on a mission to reduce the usage of commonly used plastic products in the campus like trash cans, water bottles, pens, boxes etc. They plan to do this through persuasive awareness campaigns, targeting both the staff and students of the school.

A skit demonstrating the effects of plastic on the environment

A good plan is half the work done… surveys, reports, anecdotes etc..

Wealth out of Waste

The students have planned to learn skills that will enable them to convert some of the waste generated into beautiful and useful products.  Some of the craft items undertaken include making sturdy baskets with old newspapers, making paper bags, cloth bags from old t-shirts and cloth floor mats. These products will be used for school gifts and also for fund raising.

Students of VII Vaiduryasm learning the intricacies of weaving baskets from newspaper under the supervision of Ms.Lois Priscilla, a specialist.

Let’s put these to good use…

Grade IX Marutham is creatively reusing old cloth items. Students are in the process of making bags from old t-shirts, which are then decorated and painted upon.

Ideas are aplenty..

Paper bags taking shape..

Old t-shirts getting a makeover..

Mission Kagaz

Students of Grade VIII Pavazham are on a mission – Mission Kagaz, a pursuit to understand paper wastage, recycling and making paper products. Paper bags in varying sizes are being made, after receiving necessary instructions from the teachers. These paper bags, made from good quality waste paper in school, will be given to the school canteen and to the neighbouring medical shops.

Paper recycling… ideas galore



Every Grain Matters  

Meaningful long-term alleviation of hunger is rooted in the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger. World hunger is a terrible symptom of world poverty. For the first time, there are more than a billion people on the planet facing chronic hunger.

Students of grade VI Roja and IX Neidhal are exploring the issue by engaging in self paced learning  about the crisis of high prices in basic food crops which make it difficult or impossible for millions of families around the world to meet their basic needs. In the process of doing so, they realize that food wastage is an issue they have control on and that they can do something collectively to prevent it at school level.  If we reduce food waste, we directly contribute to alleviating the problem of food shortage; even it is just by a bit. Surveys and campaigns around school will be followed by work in the society and neighbourhood.

Discussions… what’s the best way to address food wastage? The issue was studied from various perspectives – the how, what and why of food wastage. They watched videos to understand the local scenario and to know how a local hotel addressed the problem. National and World statistics were studied to understand the gravity and implications.

Taking a survey… let’s do a role play. Surveys, discussions, presentations and videos were used to create awareness on the topic. Report writing on the field work undertaken and class presentations made.

Designing and making posters to campaign against food wastage

Growing our own Food 

Students are realizing how difficult and exciting it can be to grow our own food. The rains did not help, but it contributed to first hand learning that it takes a lot to produce the food we eat.

The students were mentored by organic farmer, Mr.Jaishankar Kanappan on how to enrich the soil and raise an edible garden. A vertical herb garden is an exciting venture which is underway. 

Session with Mr.Jaishankar Kanappan of Kanchi Organic Farms on the basics of agriculture

The most important part… getting the soil ready. Students learn the processes involved – mulching, enriching with panchakavya etc.

Every detail taken care of…

Soil preparation in full swing

Carefully planting seeds..

The trellis comes up…

Our garden is beginning to bloom…

Recycling plastic bottles… for the vertical garden

Our colourful vertical garden taking shape..

Vertical garden… up it goes.

Posters on the process of vegetable cultivation