School Total: 100% pass

School Topper (All 6 subjects):

1. Anirudh Seshadri Krishnan – 577 (96.17%)
2. Ashvita Saishaa Ponnada – 573 (95.50%)
2. Ambika Kobayashi Krishnapillai – 573 (95.50%)
3. Samyuktha Sreekumar – 570 (95%)

School Topper (Best 5 subjects including English):

1. Anirudh Seshadri Krishnan – 481 (96.2%)
2. Ashvita Saishaa Ponnada – 477 (95.4%)
2. Ambika Kobayashi Krishnapillai – 477 (95.4%)
3. K Shayama Subrahmanya Nikhil – 475 (95%)
3. Rithvik Senthil – 475 (95%)


School Average: 88.2%

II Language SAMYUKTHA SREEKUMAR (Sanskrit) [97]
P SAMANVITHA (Tamil) [95]
MEGHANA RAVI (French) [89]
History, Civics & Geography ASHVITA SAISHAA PONNADA [98]
Mathematics KARTHIK ESWAR [100]
Computer Applications KARTHIK ESWAR [100]
Physical Education ASHANK A SWAMINATHAN [100]
M S PRANAV [100]
Economic Applications SRUTHI MENON MOOTHEDATH [93]


School Total: 100% pass

Science Stream – School Toppers

1. Pragya Agrawal – 467 (93.4%)
2. Sharvan Ramkumaran –  460 (92%)
3. Harshini Ramaswamy – 457 (91.4%)

Commerce Stream – School Toppers

1. Shreya Sandipta Khuntia – 472 (94.4%)
2. Ashwin Rajesh – 468 (93.6%)
3. Vallinayagam Chokkalingam – 456 (91.2%)

Humanities Stream – School Toppers

1. Srinithi Natarajan – 473 (94.6%)
2. Aparna P V – 460 (92%)
3. Pravara J – 439 (87.8%)

School Average: 81.37%

Mathematics VISHVA SHANMUGAM M V [98]
Computer Science PRAGYA AGRAWAL [100]
Business Studies SRINITHI NATARAJAN [83]
Psychology APARNA P V [100]
Sociology PRAVARA J [100]
HARENI E [100]
APARNA P V [100]
History PRAVARA J [88]


Class X

Please click on the link below to download the timetable and portions.

Semester – 1 Examination (2018-19)

Continuous Assessment – 1 (2018-19)

Archives – 2017-18

Timetable and Portions 2017-18
Tentative Academic Schedule 2017-18

Archives – Timetable and Portions 2017-18

Class X

Class XII

Class XII

Please click on the link below to download the timetable and portions.

Semester – 1 Examination (2018-19)

Continuous Assessment – 1 (2018-19)

2017 – 2018

Student Council Elections
June 29, 2017 

The Student Council Elections, held in the month of June gave the students a glimpse into the working of a democracy. Five committees were formed to look into the functioning of the election processes – nomination, campaigning, voting, counting, and result declaration. These groups, led by grade IX students, ensured that systems were in place and processes were followed. Following an intensive period of campaigning, the Executive Committee Members of the Council were democratically elected through an electronic voting process.

- Shrika Balaji, IX Neidhal


Investiture Ceremony
July 5, 2017

The Prefectorial Board of Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam for the academic year 2017-18 was sworn in during a solemn ceremony. This is when the leaders are formally entrusted with their duties. The Executive Board of the student body will be led by the Head Boy, Akhil Nair and Head Girl Shreya Sandipta Khuntia.

The Honourable Chief Guest of the day, Commodore Vijesh K Garg VSM, struck the right chord with the students when he spoke about leaders and leadership. He laid emphasis on the fact that it is in school that children are first exposed to and experience the nuances of leadership and are fostered with lifelong skills of responsibility, commitment and dedication.

The Principal Dr. Swaminathan Krishna who himself is an ardent believer in student empowerment, congratulated the newly elected office bearers and urged them to upload the values and principles that the school stands for.

- Ritvik Senthil, Grade X

Archives – Global Teacher Accreditation 2013-14

Teacher applicants for the year: 

Ms. Meenakshi Nagaraj – English HoD & teacher Class 9,10

Ms. Meenakshi Nagaraj has completed an Action Research Project in Class IX. Her project involved designing an effective and time efficient strategy to teach Prose, Poetry and Shakespeare using Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic activities. She was inspired to explore alternate teaching methodologies which encourage active class room involvement by partial and passive participants in the class. Her research involved studying the VAK approach and developing effective teaching strategies based on student feedback. It brought out the effectiveness of VAK styles and student involvement in the planning process, highlighting learner centric teaching-learning.

As Head of the English department, her work also helped orient English teachers in the school. Her presentations on her Action Research, made to the school management and 3 group schools, were received with evident interest and it was decided to extend VAK to all language departments. She intends to formulate a plan to share her learning on VAK and make it synonymous with class room teaching.

Archives – Global Teacher Accreditation 2014-15

CHSV Principal is nominated as the GTA mentor.

As a GTA mentor, Ms. Deivanai is the educator coach for 5 teacher applicants from South India. She mentors the action research participants during the course of their project and facilitates training and review sessions.

Teacher applicants for the year:

1. Ms. Shobana Balaji – Math HoD & teacher Class 10

Of the 5 GTA topics offered for research, Ms. Shobana Balaji chose “Digital Innovations in the Classroom” and the project she is working on is titled “How will Blended Learning enable delivery of Differentiated Instructions in Mathematics for Grade 10 students?” 

Blended Learning is an education program where the student learns in part through online delivery of content and in part in a classroom (“brick and mortar”) setting. Differentiated Instructions is a teaching methodology where students with different learning abilities are given opportunities to learn at their own pace.

Hence the action research on this topic will help formulate a blended learning environment to deliver differentiated instructions and resources to students. Students will be able to learn at their own pace, place and time. This personalised teaching/learning will also help them become independent learners, responsible for their own learning. It will also cater to visual and auditory learners.

In her Action Research, she is using the “Flipped Class room” model of Blended Learning where students learn the content online through videos, related links, worksheets etc., and come prepared for the class the following day to complete the numericals and proofs on the same topic.

2. Ms.Rajalakshmi  – Math Teacher Class 6,7,8

Ms. Rajalakshmi, is involved in the GTA project to optimise teaching, understand the hindering variables between teaching and learning, measure the variables, analyse them, and arrive at tangible results to maximise the imparting of learning objective. Her research topic is “Dispelling misconceptions in integers to maximise learning in class 6”. The purpose of this endeavour is to gain an insight into the causes of misconceptions in this topic and to enable the students to come up with individual learning strategies. She has chosen class 6 as her interest group as this is the level where students learn the basic concepts of integers and build it thereafterThe main objective of her study is to adopt a student centric approach to learning.

3. Ms. Sivagamasundari – Math teacher  Class 8,9

Ms. Sivakamasundari is implementing an Action Research Project in Class VIII. With the intent of bringing innovations in the Math class, the project aims to help students overcome their fear of abstract algebraic concepts and retain algebraic identities with ease. The students are given opportunities to connect with prior learning, visualise identities using algebraic tiles and engage in activities which facilitate understanding. Understanding the logic behind algebraic concepts and relating it to geometry aids recollection. Students are also encouraged to use website links in the form of games and work sheets.

Class room activities include videos for the visual learner, hands-on activity for the kinaesthetic learner and interactive smart board lessons for both types of learners.  This project is also an opportunity for the teacher and student to benefit from teaching strategies being practised across the globe.

4. Ms.Viji Arunkumar– Social Studies teacher Class 4,5

The CHSV Social Studies curriculum under Anveshna is shifting focus from content centered instruction to learner based instruction.  With this as the primary objective, Ms.Viji’s Action Research aims at using technology as a VAK tool to enhance interest in Social Studies at the upper primary level.  As students today are tech savvy, a technology-driven pedagogical approach should perk their interest and encourage them to take a deep dive into the subject.  With technology advancements, they will be in a better position to leverage technology to gain more knowledge about the global community.

Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

Judiciary – Grade X

As part of a guest lecture on ‘Judiciary’, PC Siddharth, a law student and alumni of Hari Shree, engaged the students of grade X on a topic in their Civics lesson. He spoke about the court terminologies and gave real life examples which helped the children connect to the theme.

Design Thinking – Grades VI to XII

The students of grades VI to XII had a session with Mr. Kuldeep Dantewadia and Mr.Gautam Prakash of ‘Reap Benefit’ on how they can be ‘problem solvers’ for local environmental and civic problems. They inspired the children with real life stories of the innovative solutions developed by them and children they have worked with.

Genetics – Grade XII

Dr. Ramakrishnan from Chettinad Health City conducted a guest lecture on Genetics for the Biology students of grade XII

Abiotic components – Grade VI

Padmaja Acharya conducted an interactive and lively session for the students of grade VI on ‘Our Environment’. We learned a lot about biotic and abiotic components and saving the earth’s resources. Some of us volunteered to be a part of a play to initiate a discussion on the rotation and revolution of the earth.

- B. Sririsha, VI Suryagandhi

Soil, Agriculture and Natural Resources – Grade IV

Mr. Ram Prasad gave us a guest lecture on Agriculture, Soil and Natural Resources. He spoke about his farm, the crops he grew and traditional and modern farming methods. We saw the five different types of soil and learnt about food crops and cash crops. We were surprised to know how much water is needed for crops to grow. We realized that we should not waste food since this also means that we waste water.

- Pradhyutha, Shraddha, Shalini, IV Shankarabaranam

Health and Hygiene – Grade VI

Dr. Karpagambal Sairam gave us an out-of-text book session with her engaging lecture on various aspects of Health and Hygiene. She told us about the importance of following a balanced diet and keeping ourselves clean and healthy.

- Ria Rajakumar, VI Roja

Judiciary in India – Grade VII

During his guest lecture on ‘Judiciary in India’, Advocate S Muthukumar used realistic and relatable situations to explain how each court works. The mock court he used to demonstrate the process made it a very interesting experience. We understood about the role and importance of the Judiciary in India.

- Divya Chidambaram, VII Manickam

Climate and Natural Vegetation – Grade VIII

Dr. Swaminthan Krishna conducted a session on ‘Climate and Natural Vegetation’ as part of a Geography Guest Lecture for the students of grade VIII.

Australian Culture – Geography

November 23, 2017

Mr. Davonte Ponnuswamy, an Australian national,  addressed the students of grade VI and gave them a birds eye view of the culture and life style in Australia.

Career Guidance – Commerce

November 20, 2017

The Commerce students of grade XI and XII attended a session on ‘Career Guidance and Career Options in Commerce’ by Mr. Anirban Sinha, Chartered Accountant and Director of Business Finance and Global Pricing Head at CSS Corp.

Junk Food –   Biology

November 18, 2017

Ms.Subashini, Senior Dietician from Chettinad Health City, gave a presentation to students of grade VII on Junk Food and its ill effects on the human body.

 - Tarun Gargeya, VII Vaiduryam

Respiration in Plants – Biology 

November 17, 2017

Dr.Ramya from Chettinad Health City spoke to the Biology students of grade XI on ‘Respiration in Plants’

‘d’ and  ‘f’ block elements  – Chemistry

November 16, 2017

Mr. VijayKumar, subject expert delivered a lecture to the Chemistry students of grade 12 on the topic ‘d and f block elements’, besides giving valuable tips for the Board Exams.

Internet Safety  

November 4, 2017

Dr. Kala Baskar, Director-in-charge, Centre of Cyber and Forensic Information Security, University of Madras, delivered a lecture on Internet Safety. She talked about the different kinds of ways people hack devices to access our personal information like phishing and keyloggers. She also gave us some tips on how to stay away from these kind of hackers.

- Juhusree, grade VII 

An insight into Horticulture – Biology

October 28, 2017

Harish Krishnamurthi, Horticulturist from ‘Offshoot’ spoke to the students of grade VI on structure and function of plants.  The interactive session gave me an opportunity to see plants sprouting at very close quarters.

- Athreya Sunil

Natural Resources  – Geography  

Our Principal addressed us on the topic ‘Natural Resources’. He beautifully explained how everything and everyone is a resource.  He showed us the state of our capital Delhi, which has become so polluted that it is our responsibility as the future generation to not only conserve these resources, but also protect our environment.

- Grade V students

Story Telling
October 7, 2017

The Story telling workshop by Mr. Craig Jenkins, a renowned story teller  from UK, was on how to explore the  use of hand gestures, facial expressions, characterization and voice modulation to present stories in a fun, exciting and educational way. His session started with a few games which could be implemented in class to increase the  focus and concentration of children.

Social Research Methodology
October 9, 2017

The Sociology, Psychology and History students of grade XI and XII attended a guest lecture by Dr. Vijo Varghese Vincent, Research Associate at the International Justice Mission, on Social Research Methodology. He told the students about research design, validity of research, sampling methodology and the need for ethics and morality while conducting research. The students also sought guidance on doing their projects.

“The workshop was extremely useful as I learnt the different types of research, data analysis, sampling and also how projects are formulated. I am definitely sure that this will be a lesson I won’t forget. The person teaching this was very informative”

 - Varsha Babu, XI

“… it greatly helped me with several concepts that I was having trouble with. Through the lecture I found out how to properly and professionally research on a topic and the different methods and processes used to do so. This guest lecture helped me understand how to do my projects in the future.”

- Samyukt Vasu, XI

“…We learnt various new methods that were previously unknown to us and also we learnt about the norms and ethics of research. Overall it was an enriching experience”

- Sidhant, XI 

Tamil Literature – History
October 2017

The students of grade IX had the opportunity to interact with Ms. Jayalakshmi, Ms. Tamilselvi and Ms. Mangalam from the Department of Tamil during the History period. The teachers shared information on the significance of Tirukkural and how Tirukkural is applicable in our daily lives. The session also had an overview of Sangam Literature and the literary works like Silapadikaaram and Manimekalai.

Nervous Control and Co-ordination – Biology
October 2017

Nervous Control and Co ordination for class XI by Dr. Shiv Bhushan Sharma from Chettinad Health City

Career Counselling – Commerce
October 2017

The students of grade XI and XII attended a Career Guidance session by Ms. Sujatha Balakrishnan, Head of the Department of Commerce from Ethiraj College on ‘Career Guidance and Career Options in Commerce.’

“The career guidance session was very highly helpful as we got an insight into career options for the future. 

 -  Guru Raj XII and Valli Nayagam, grade XII

“The session was really interesting as she explained about how the choice of institution is really important for higher education. It also gave us an insight on how to prepare for college.

- Ashwin and Shreya, grade XII.

Soil Erosion and Weathering – Geography
October 2017

Ms. Radha Varadarajan spoke to the students of grade VII on ‘Soil Erosion and Weathering’. She gave us an insight into the difference between weathering and erosion and the different ways to conserve the soil. The lecture was supported by practical demonstration of soil cookies with and without roots, which made us understand the importance of roots in preventing soil erosion.

- Advaith Menon, grade VII

Art of Brochure Making
October 13, 2017

The interactive session for the students of VII Maragatham with Ms. Fathima on designing a brochure demonstrated how both pictures and text convey a powerful message. The group activity enabled us to design the basic outline for our brochure on ‘The Art of Composting’. The session also enlightened us on the need to keep in mind the target audience and the effective way to approach them.

- Ananya V Ganesh, Grade VII

Paper Conservation 
October 13, 2017

Mr. Ramanan from ITC WOW spoke to the students of VIII Pavazham. His visit was an eye opener to realize how India is one of the major contributors to wasting paper. The informative videos and ppts on recycling paper showed how the garbage load in India can be reduced by nearly 25%.

- Mahendra Kurup, Grade VIII

Ayyam Ittu Unn – Give before you Eat 
October 13, 2017

Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine addressed the students of IX Neidhal and VI Roja on food wastage and the consequences of wasting food which includes poverty and shortage of food for the future generations. She gave us precise statistics and data on where and how much food gets wasted every day. She told us about the community fridge which has been placed in Besant Nagar which works on the principle of anonymous donation of food , clothes, toys etc. This gives an opportunity for the needy to use the things available there without hurting their dignity.

-  Akhilan Ravichandran and Deekshanya, Grade IX

Energy Management by Mr. Narsimhan Santhanam
September 2017

Guest Lecture for students of grade X Madhuvanti by Mr. Narsimhan Santhanam, founder of EAI (Energy Alternative India).  Under his guidance, the students are working on a project to learn about energy consumption and alternatives.

Waste Management by Mr. Rangarajan 
September 2017

Students of grade VII Vairam had a session with the secretary of the RA Puram Residents Association, Mr. Rangarajan, on neighbourhood waste management activities.

Story Telling by Ms. Sri Vidya
September 2017

The students of grade II had an interactive story telling session with Ms.Sri Vidya from Story Trails.

Reproductive Health by Dr. Radha
September 2017

Guest Lecture on Reproductive Health by Dr. Radha Pandiyan from Chettinad Health City.

Gene Expression by Dr.Sheikh Ahmed
September 2017

Dr. Sheikh Ahmed spoke to Biology students of grade XII on gene expression and its regulation

Structure of the Eye by Dr. Adnan 
September 2017

Dr. Adnan Mohamed Mytheen spoke to students of grade X on the structure of the eye and its defects

Biotechnology for Dr.Kumar
September 2017

Dr. Kumar Ebenezer spoke to students of grade XII on Biotechnology and applications.

Water Conservation by Mr.Nityanand Jayaraman
August 2017

Noted environmentalist, Mr.Nityanand Jayaraman spoke to the students who are working on water conservation as part of Global Citizenship. He spoke on issues like the plight of Chennai rivers, rain patterns, ill effects of desalination plants, unplanned development and the usage of marsh lands as dump yards.

Making Seed Balls with Mr.Kamesh
August 2017

The students of grade VII Manickam, during their ‘Seedball Session’ with Mr.Kamesh of ‘Vizhithezhu Arakkattalai’, brainstormed on the problems faced by farmers and the reasons behind poor yield, food shortage and resultant farmer suicides. The hands on experience of making the seed ball is their baby step towards planting trees that would prevent soil erosion. The session culminated with the students making the Green Ganesha carrying the seed ball within him, ably assisted by Dorai Anna.

Rolling into Shape with Ms.Priscilla
August 2017

Students of grade VII Vaiduryam have basket weaving sessions, facilitated by Ms. Lois Priscilla, who is an expert in creating craft out of old and unused newspapers and magazines. 

Traffic Management with the local Traffic Police
August 2017

The students of IX Kurinji attended a session by the Chennai Traffic Police, led by C Alexander, Inspector of Police and M Venkateswaralu, Sub-Inspector of Police. The students had a hands on learning on Road Safety, Traffic Signals and Traffic Management. The interactive session made the students understand the effort that goes behind the day of a traffic policeman.  The students were given handouts of traffic signs to better understand the traffic regulation system.

Vegetable Cultivation with Mr.Jaishankar Kanappan
August 2017

Mr. Jaishankar of Kanchi Organic Farm guided the students of grade X Sahana and VIII Muthu on vegetable cultivation and  soil preparation. The students took the learning forward by sowing seeds in the school garden.

Finance by Mr.P.V Subramanyam
July 2017

Mr. P. V. Subramanyam, financial expert spoke to the students of grade XI and XII on the power of compounding and the necessity for smart investments. The topics ranged from household finances, accounting and banking to real income, mutual funds and insurance.

Dental Hygiene by Dr.Phanimala
July 2017

Dr. Phanimala, cosmetic dentist and dental surgeon, spoke to the students of grade IV on the importance of dental hygiene, besides showing them a presentation and video on the anatomy of the tooth.

An insight into AIDS by Mr.Sathish Kumar
July 2017

Mr SK Satish Kumar ,Training Manager at YRG CARE, spoke on how Aids is not only a disease but a judgement we have brought upon ourselves. He briefed the students on the disease, its prevention and treatment.

Cultivation of Crops by Mr.Radha Varadarajan
July 2017

Ms.Radha Varadarjan, our Sustainability Education consultant, spoke to students of grade V on crops and cultivation practices, with special emphasis on paddy cultivation.

Essential 21st century skills by Mr.Gupteswar Rao
June 2017

Mr.Gupteswar Rao addressed the students from grades VI to VIII on ‘Essential Skills to be possessed by 21st century students’