Book Related Activities For Holiday Reading

  • Make a timeline of the important events that are happening in your book. Include important dates and events that took place in the characters lives.
  • Write down three reasons why someone should read your book.
  • Map maker – Draw a map of the book’s setting.
  • Create an award – for each of the main characters based on their actions in the book. One might be awarded “most courageous” for fighting peer pressure, another might be awarded “wisest” for the guidance he or she gave other characters. For each award, write a paragraph that explains why this character deserves this award
  • Scavenger Hunt:
    1. a three-syllable word
    2. the longest word in the book
    3. a word that includes the letters tion
    4. a four-syllable word
    5. an adjective
    6. a word with a prefix
    7. a sentence that includes a simile
    8. rhyming words
    9. synonyms or antonyms

CHSV Assessments

Our Approach to Assessments

At Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, we recognize that teaching, learning and assessment of that learning are fundamentally interdependent. Learning outcomes include knowledge and understanding of a subject as well as development of skills. Assessments are both formative (that is “assessments for learning” – these are on-going assessments done during the entire term to assess and assist students’ progress in building understanding, skills and knowledge) and summative (that is ‘assessment of learning’- to assess students’ achievement of understanding, skills and knowledge).

Our assessment approach recognizes that learners

  • have different learning styles
  • have different cultural experiences, expectations and needs
  • perform differently according to the context of learning
  • need to know their progress, achievement and areas in need of improvement in the learning process.

Grading Scale for Grades II to V

Scale of 1 to 10
8-10  – A – Proficient
5-7 -    B  – Developing
2-4      C  – Emerging
0-1 :    D – Not evident

Grading Scale for Grades VI to VIII 


< 40
A1 A2 A3 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D1 D2 D3 Does not meet expectations

Grades IX to XII

We strictly adhere to ICSE Board stipulations.

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Junior Campus

Junior Campus

Junior Campus After School Activities 

At the after school care children are engaged productively in activities that help develop life skills in a safe and caring environment. Children participate in experiments for developing pre-science skills, fireless cooking to encourage healthy eating, creative exploration through art & craft, painting, games, pretend play and free play in the multipurpose children’s indoor play area.

Archives – Field Trips / Excursions (2017-18)

A trip to Vandaloor Zoo – Grade IV

February 9, 2018

Our trip to Vandalur Zoo started with the journey in a big bus, eating snacks along the way. We walked through the zoo and saw many fascinating animals like the white tiger, otters, lions, turtles, monkeys, deer and elephants. My favourites were the peacock and the giraffe. I also enjoyed watching the funny manner in which the chimpanzee walked. After a delicious meal, we returned home. I loved this field trip, it was the best!

- Janisha Vignesh Kumar, grade IV

A Peek into Village Life – Grade III in Chokhi Dhani

February 2, 2018

Our trip to Chokhi Dhani started with a bus ride where we danced and sang.  There we saw dances and a magic show. We also went on bullock cart rides, camel rides and horse rides. We were surprised to see a man walking on a tight rope. After a delicious lunch, we came back to school. I love going to trips like these with my friends.

- Pavan Sethu Raman, grade III

Poetry in Stone – Grade V in Mahabalipuram

February 2, 2018

Our trip to Mahabalipuram was fun. We saw stone sculptures on the walls. We tried pushing the ‘Butterball Rock’, a huge rock which hasn’t moved for many years even after natural disasters. We visited the Durga Temple and a well which are almost 1400 years old. The beautiful Seashore Temple was awesome. It was fun putting our hand inside the Narasimha sculpture to test if we were good. If not, it would bite us ! We returned home after an enjoyable day with our friends.

- Hebe Haashana Senthil and Himani Jain, grade V

Grade II – Vandalur Zoo

January 25, 2018

It was a bright sunny day and we were all excited as we were going to visit the Vandaloor Zoo. In the zoo we got to see chimpanzees, deer, peacocks, bisons, sea birds, otters, emus, black panthers, leopards and many other animals. We were very excited to see crocodiles sleeping with their mouths open. It was fun to see a white tiger also. After our lunch at Sangeetha, we all came back to school.

- Hasini, II Tulsi

First Time Campers – Grade VI in Tada

Jan 19-20, 2018

Our trip to Tada was indeed an exotic one. We travelled there by bus with a sense of adventure and excitement. We stayed in a tent and learnt to get by with minimum luxuries. There were many fun filled activities too like cycling, swimming, and football. We learnt how to pitch tents and cook on an open fire. The amazing bonfire at night was accompanied with mouth watering roasted marshmallows. The team building activities taught us the values of team work and sharing. The nature walk was fun and we experienced the beautiful outdoors to our hearts fill. Sadly, the trip was over all too soon, but our first over-night trip was definitely most enjoyable and memorable.

- Kayal (VI Roja), Bhavna and Smrithi Krishnan (VI Sembaruthi)

Outdoor Adventures – Grade VII in Yelagiri

January 24-26, 2018

The students of grade VII went to Yelagiri for our outbound trip. It was a long ride, but totally worth it, for in the end we had tons of fun. We went trekking, did zip lining and zorbing and also had a campfire. The team building activities improved our leadership and co-ordination skills.  The cottage stay with our friends was comfortable and exciting as we spent a lot of time with our friends. It was an amazing and marvellous trip that created memories that will never fade.

- Mugil, Grade VII

The Mystic Mountains – Grade VIII in Coorg  

January 18-21, 2018

Our much awaited trip to Coorg began with a train journey to Mysore, followed by a bus ride. When we reached our destination, we were filled with awe to see the wonderful campsite nestled away in the hills of Coorg. The trip was a different experience for most of us. The sprawling scenery around us, the stay in tents with our friends and managing on our own added to the fun.  The long, tedious trek up a waterfall and our visit to the Tibetan monastery were the highlights of this trip. The Coorg experience is going to be a life time memory for us.

- Tejas Nageswaran, Grade VIII

Grade VIII – Reaching Beyond

The students of grade VIII went on a tour of Mandagini Seals, a factory in Royapuram. Upon reaching, we were first taken to the biogas plant which converts food waste into methane that can then be used as fuel for cooking. We were also given an insight into its eco- friendly working process which helps to preserve the environment.

We also had an overview of the manufacturing process, unloading bay, storage area, manufacturing machinery, packaging materials and the store where all the finished goods are kept for Quality Control check. We were then given a yoga presentation where we were taught the importance of health and hygiene and the evolution of packaging.  The visit ended with a lunch hosted by them.

The tour, our first to a factory, was an insightful and interesting learning experience.

- Ananya.R, grade VIII

After the factory visit, the students visited “Uthavum Nanbargal”, a home for the destitute as part of the ‘Joy of Giving’. This was an attempt to reach out of society and appreciate the less fortunate.  The orphanage, with around 30 children was small and clean. The children there are given free education till their graduation/marriage. We shared the gifts that we had taken with us. It was one of the most memorable trips ever.

- Kavya Ramesh, grade VIII

Grade X – The Munnar Diaries  

Bags heavy and hearts light, the students of grade X set out on their long awaited excursion to Munnar, Kerala. We stayed at Kalypso camp, Suryanelli  for  3 days, participating in team and character building activities. Going head to head trying to earn points in order to win a special prize at the end, one would expect team hostilities, yet instead all it did was bring us all closer to one another. The activities ranged from using pipes to pocket a marble into a hole to designing, building, and testing a raft fit for 6. We got a chance to stay in Thekkady for one night and experience Kathakali, a traditional dance form and Kalaraipayattu, the skilled martial art form. The next day was just as beautiful, with the group taking a tour of the Periyar National Park. Overall, none of us could have asked for more.

- Aishwarya Mathanan, Grade X

 Grade IX – Lonavala Memoirs  

Our trip kicked off to a wonderful start, as  we boarded the flight to Pune. We took a bus to the campsite, where we were warmly received with hot chocolate. We were introduced to the instructors and campsite rules. We camped in underground dorms, a different experience entirely. We were on our toes all the four days with activities evenly spaced out. We had fun Rappelling, Rock climbing, Trekking, Hiking, Swimming in lakes and Raft building. divided into 4 groups. The overall experience allowed us an opportunity to come out of our comfort zone and make new friends.

-  R Harini,  Grade IX

Grade XI – True Colours of Life

October 9-14, 2017 

This year’s outbound trip for class XI was to Munnar and Thekkady. In Munnar (Suryanelli) we lodged at a campsite called Kalypso. We participated in various activities like minefield, keypunch, bullring and many more. Some of our personal favourites were raft building and the one and half hour trek through the cardamom plantation nearby. The trek was arduous but the view at the end was worth all the effort.

Two days later, we were off to Thekkady. We witnessed an awe inspiring Kathakali performance, where got a glimpse of the different mudras and key movements involved in this art form. The stunning Kalaripayattu demonstration also gave us an opportunity to interact with the performers at the end of the show. We enjoyed the boat safari at the Periyar Tiger Reserve, all the while waiting to see some animals.

- Shruthi Jayaraman, grade XI 

Bake Me a Biscuit – Grade IV

The trip to the Madras Bakery was full of fun and excitement. Though the trip was long, the ride with our friends made up for it. The sweet aroma of biscuits welcomed us into the factory. We first watched a documentary on the making of the confectionaries. We were then taken around to see the processing units and bakery equipments. We saw the bakers mixing the wheat, sugar and oil to give the biscuits the perfect shape. They were then baked and cooled before being packed. The best part was when we got to taste the freshly baked, hot biscuits. The trip inspired us to try making biscuits at home.

- Grade IV students

Right on Track – Junior Campus

The students of the junior campus got an opportunity to visit the rail museum. They got to see the train from both the inside and the outside and get a feel of a literal travel by train.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Grade XII

Students of grade XII went on a trip to Yelagiri a few months before their board exams to relax and rejuvenate.

Supermarket Visit – PP2

Visit to Waitrose Supermarket by students of PP2

Archives – Study Trips ( 2017-18)

Visiting Kalakshetra – Grade III

December 20, 2017

During their trip to Kalakshetra, the students of grade III saw people learning learning dance and music and also got an opportunity to visit the pottery sessions.

Grade XII at Chettinad Health City Biotechnology Lab

December 15, 2017

As part of their extended learning program, the Biology students of grade XII visited the Chettinad Health City Biotechnology lab to get a hands-on experience in performing experiments.

A World in its Own – Grade VI visits Theosophical Society

December 15, 2017

The chirping birds in the morning, the flickering rays of the sun seeping through the leaves are some of the moments when a person is truly mesmerized by the beauty of nature and creation. The Huddlestone Gardens of Theosophical society located in Adayar, is covered with a large variety of flora and fauna, which provides a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. As a part of our biology internals on the ‘Structure and Function of Plants’, we got an opportunity to identify many specimens linked to our topic, which inspired us to look for more such specimens.

- Harshitha, and B. Sririsha, grade VI

A World of Make Believe – Grade VII at the Anna Centenary Library

December 12, 2017

Books are mans best friends – we realized how true this statement is during our visit to the Anna Centenary library. We were surrounded by books on all sides. The visit to children’s section in the first floor was followed by a trek to the seventh floor to visit the section on Travel, Tourism and Social Sciences. We were excited as some of us got to see the Olai Chuvadi for the first time. As we had some time with us, we went back to the children’s section, sat under the faux tree to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

- Aditi Hari Shankar, grade VII

Stop, Think, Act – Grade II visits the Traffic Park

November 29, 30 2017

The trip to the Birla Planetarium was fun and exciting. We first stopped at the traffic park to see what the traffic signs mean. Next we went to see the models of rocket, train and aeroplane before going to the Science Park to see the snails and frogs.

- Report by grade II students

Grade IV – A visit to the Planetarium

The students of grade IV visited the Birla Planetarium as part of our experiential learning on the topic ‘Exploring Space’. We saw a huge circular room with a dome on the top. The stars suddenly appeared on the dome when the room went dark. We also saw a 3D show on dinosaurs.

- Ahalya Chandrashekar, Grade IV

 Grade VI – Reliving History at the Egmore Museum

The students of grade VI visited the Egmore Museum as part of their History Class. We had an opportunity to view many old sculptures, inscriptions, manuscripts and fossils. The Indus Valley civilization which we had read about in our History text books came alive for us in the museum. We also got to see the first model of a bicycle. Overall, it was a fun experience.

- Ria Rajakumar and Veysri M, Grade VI

Grade V – Recreation – Reading Under the Tree

October 11, 2017

The visit to the Anna Centenary Library was filled with fun, excitement and joy. The huge library building which greeted us kindled our curiosity to know more about the library. Our first stop was at the Braille section where the librarian explained the facts about the Braille language. We got an opportunity to touch the Braille boards for the first one. Next we went to the children’s section. Toy birds, parrots, cute monkeys and a white sloth bear on a huge realistic tree was the centre of attraction. We were told about the various facilities available at the library like the old wooden manuscripts written in various languages. We were also given books to read and we enjoyed reading it under the tree.

- Advika and Kavya, Grade V

 A visit to the Irula Community – Grade XI and XII

The Sociology and Psychology students of grade XI and XII visited the Irula community at Annai Sathya Nagar, Thirukazhakundram. The children had an insight into the Tribes of India and the Bonded Labour System. Children were also given an opportunity to interact with the tribes to get to know about their culture, lifestyle, and problems.

The trip was enriching and interesting and we learned about the Irula culture and their lifestyle. It provided us with an opportunity to mingle with people about whom we had only read about in text books. Through our interaction with the tribals, we learned the value that each day must be lived to the fullest before wondering about the next and we must cherish what we have.

 - Grade XII Sociology and Psychology students.

Silence is Golden – Grade V

Our trip to Ramakrishna Mutt was very ‘quiet’. First we went to the meditation hall where we sat in meditation for some time. It relaxed our body and minds, then we were shown a power point presentation on ‘Silence’. The Swamiji spoke to us on the value of silence and respecting others. All of us felt that sitting quietly for some time is not so difficult.

- Students of grade V

Colours of Life  – Art Elective Students

The Art elective students of grades X to XII and the CE students of grade VIII visited the Korean Floral Art exhibition at InKo centre and the Art Houz Gallery.

Little Moments, Big Memories – Grade II

At the Adyar Poonga, we saw herbs, shrubs, climbers, creepers and trees. We also saw fish, terrapin and tortoise. we held a terrapin and a tortoise and were excited. We saw a clipping on keeping the earth clean. We saw so many flowers like lily, lotus, aloe vera, rose and hibiscus. We saw a honey bee busy taking honey from the flower, going buzz buzz….. After that we played hide and seek with my Acharyas and friends. We saw a fish jumping all around the water. We enjoyed the field trip. Thank you Acharyas!

- S Mahilan and K Ilakkiya, Grade II


Catch the Falling Stars – Grade III

Children were transported to space during the visit to the Birla Planetarium. The planets, stars, black holes, galaxies, space showers and meteorites gave them hands-on learning experience. They were amazed and thrilled to watch a 3D show and understand that ice rocks float around Saturn and the earth is made up of gases.

Fun with Numbers – Grade XI

6 students of grade XI attended the CMI workshop, where they explored topics beyond the text book. The hands on experience widened their perspective on Mathematics and its link to other subjects.


Dr. Gayathri Deepak
School Advisor








Dr. Gayathri Deepak is an educationist deeply committed to best practices in education. Her doctoral research in the field of Human Development was in the area of Curriculum and Cognitive Development, for which her thesis won critical acclaim from Indian as well as foreign examiners. She has worked in various roles including researcher, college lecturer, teacher, teacher trainer, academic advisor and whole school leader. As part of the work she engages in currently as Director of Sri Chetana, she functions as an Educational Consultant and Advisor to schools.

She has worked with CIE International Curriculum for more than 15 years and is a consultant for schools with other curricula too. As a whole school leader,sheworked in a highly reputed international school in the Middle East, which is a CIE Centre offering the Cambridge International Programs from Years 1 to 13, a member school of CIS and is also accredited by NCA (formerly CITA, now Advanc-Ed). She chaired the committees for the CITA/NCA and CIS Self-Studies done by the school. Students of this school secured world ranking, not to mention national level and Province level rankings, in IGCSE and A level exams, during her tenure.Her work in the international context has enabled herto reach out to teachers from more than 20 nationalities and students and parentsfrom over 30 nationalities, including people from the Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Far East, Europe, USA, Australia and Africa.In her role as school leader, both in India and abroad, she has always been deeply passionate about professional development of the team of educators and has personally delivered workshops and training programmes, apart from motivating her team members to explore and enrol for professional development opportunities offered by reputed external bodies. In her work as an Academic Advisor for reputed schools in Chennai, among many other responsibilities, shetrains teachers, revamps the school’s teaching, learning and assessment techniques, develops lesson plan formats, reviews lesson plans, works with teams to build the school curriculum, develops policy documents for the school and teachers, redesigns organisational structure, designs detailed job descriptions, and interviews candidates for teaching and leadership positions.

Having worked and lived for more than a decade in a society which was truly international in structure and character, her belief in Internationalism were strengthened. She believes that the way forward to prepare students to face the many existing and unknown challenges of the 21st century lies in enabling a revival of liberal education and enabling collaboration, through which children and youth truly come to understand other cultures, religions, and nations, cherish diversity and not merely “tolerate” it. She is passionate about empowering educators to become reflective practitioners and empowering children, adolescents and young adults to realize their true potential and blossom into responsible, caring, empathetic individuals. Gayathri is committed to spreading the message of liberal education and enabling educational institutions and educators to foster social, emotional and ecological intelligences and creativity, and build the skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking in students. Gayathri has recently extended her work to educate parents in some pedagogical practices. As an educationist and a spiritual person, she believes in oneness and the universality of consciousness and has launched a program titled Chetanasri, which enables one to look within to unleash one’s true potential.

Archives – School Events

Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

Basket Ball Winners

The under 15 girls’ basket ball team won the APL inter school tournament. Shrushti from grade IX won the Best Player award.

Football Runner-up 

In the APL inter school tournament, our under-18 Boys Football team won the Runner-up trophy


The Ivy League International Model United Nations Conference 2018 was a wonderful learning experience. Our agendas were relating to security and defence aspects and cyber crime which is a cause for worry in present day world affairs.

Mock drills and midnight crisis helped one to think and react in times of political emergencies. The Forum discussions were an eye opener. Overall ILMUNC India 2018 was an experience to cherish.

-  GMS Ahimsa and Sathwik G, grade IX

ASISC Nationals

Sweta Chakravarthy of grade XII emerged second runner up in the ASISC National Level Senior Declamation competition.

HLC Debate

Megha Sivakumar, Devnanda Kurup, Adithya Sivakumar, Rishi Krishnan and V K Abhiripan attended a debate conducted by HLC. The debate was structured in such a way that they had to work with students from different schools. Megha and Rishi were part of the winning team. Adithya’s team went to the semifinals. Abhirupan won the best individual speaker award while Devananda won the ‘Most Professional Individual Speaker’ award.

Eloquence in action

Sahana Bharadwaj of Grade X won the second prize in the Interschool Elocution contest conducted by Sardar Vallabhbai Patel Memorial Trust in association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She spoke on the topic ‘India without Corruption- What needs to be done’. She received the prize from His Excellency, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri.Banwarilal Purohit on 31st October, National Unity Day.

Megha Sivakumar of grade XI received a special mention at an Elocution event at the American Consulate, organised by the US India Educational Fund, during the World Education Week. There were many schools from in and around Chennai that participated in the event.

Bridging Cultures through Art

As part of InKo’s Art exchange programme, few of our students were part of a contingent that visited Busan, South Korea.

In their own words –

“Wearing hanbok during the tea ceremony was a very special treat where we got to interact with our Japanese and Korean counterparts.”

- Samyuktha Narayanan, grade XII

“The cultural programme taught us new things about Korean culture and was also a platform to share ours”

- Aditi S, grade XII

“We visited their Beomeosa temple, Haeundae aquarium and other places. We got to meet Buddhist monks and got to know about their lifestyle.”

- Kiruthika S K, grade XII

“Out of the 18 of us who travelled to Busan from Chennai representing India, none would have possibly imagined how close we would get over the course of just one week.”

- Akash M, grade X

Silver – Kirithika S K (Grade XII) Akash M (Grade X)

Bronze – S. Yamini (grade X), Samyuktha Narayanan (Grade XII), S. Aditi (Grade XII)

Best Select Award – Sai Lavanya (grade X ), Dhanush Gajula (Grade X) Sanjana Aravind Sridharan (Grade X), Rishab Mohan Chatterjee (grade XII)


Samyukt Vasu and G.Tarun Pravin from grade XII and Mehul Saravanan from grade XI won the 2nd place in debate

Soumiya Paranan and Carina Veda Perla of grade XII won the 3rd place in quiz.

Cricket Mania

Our under-12 cricket team won the SCC Cricket Academy under 12 Independence Trophy. Dhruv Thirumalai from grade VIII won the Man of the Series award while Veera Rajavel from grade VII won the promising cricketer award. Dhepesh Narayana S and Ekansh, both from grade VI, and Dhruv Thirumalai from grade VIII also won Man of the Match awards.

At the South India under-12 cricket tournament conducted by R.K.T. Cricket Club in Trichy, our team emerged winners. The following students won awards –

Man of the Match – Ekansh (grade VI), Aadhav S. Bharadwaj (grade VIII), Vishal Sachin Perla and Dhruv Thirumalai (grade VIII)

Man of the finals – Aryan Balagopal T B (grade VI)

Best Bowler of the tournament – Vishal Sachin Perla (grade VIII)

Man of the tournament – Dhruv Thirumalai (grade VIII)

Best fielder of the tournament – Abhinav (grade V)

At the under-13 cricket tournament conducted by the Rising Cricket Academy, our school emerged runner up.

Vishnu Rajaraman from grade VII won the Promising Cricketer award and Dhruv Thirumalai from grade VIII won the Man of the Series award. Vishnu, Vishal and Dhruv also won Man of the Match awards.

Vidhyuth T (grade IX), Shabbir H Madraswala (grade VIII) and Dhruv Thirumalai (grade VIII) have been selected for the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association City Round Robin under 14 cricket tournament.

In the Science Talent Contest 2k18 conducted by Rotary Madras Southwest, Sreenidhi Sudarsan and K Pavarnaa  of grade VIII were awarded the 2nd prize in the Junior category.

ASISC Regionals  

The Hari Shree girls’ football team emerged as the Tamil Nadu State Junior Girls Champions at the regional level competitions held in Yercaud.

In the literary competitions held in Yelagiri, at the ICSE level, B Toshika Dharshini won the 1st place for Declamation. Deekshanya A and S Raghav emerged winners in the Debate competition, Deekshanya A was also adjudged the Best Speaker. Amrutha Nathan won 3rd place for Creative Writing. At the ISC level, Shweta secured the 1st place in Declamation and Shrishti Padmanabhan came 2nd in Creative Writing.

Innovate and Invent

Swayamprabha Narayanan of grade VIII won the first place at the Science Fest conducted by Curio Kids, a national STEM education organization, Her inventions- an aqua brush and an aqua mop and won her the prize that includes 1000 milk shakes for the school!

Debates and Diplomacy

Bhavya Ramkumar and Shweta Chakravarthi from grade XII and Tejaswini S, Kavya Ramesh, G M S Ahimsa and Saketh T G from grade IX attended the Harvard International MUN in Hyderabad.

“The event gave us a platform to recognize and enhance our talent and capabilities in public speaking, persuasion and diplomacy. Our knowledge of Politics and Current affairs expanded and so did our understanding of others countries.

- Ahimsa, Kavya and Tejaswini, grade IX

Young Author Speaks 

Ananya Vijay Ganesh, speaking at the Young Learners Fest event to share her journey as a young author. She focused on ideas that children could take away like developing reading habit, listening to stories and writing every day, taking opportunities as they come and exploring your talents.


S.Mahinth Simmaa and Ashwin Radhakrishnan of grade X, participated in the 2nd edition of the Madras Boat Club Schools and Colleges Regatta and won the GOLD medal in the boys double scull event. Mahinth also won the BRONZE medal in the boys single scull event.  The CHSV team scored 20 points and shared the 3rd place among 100 other participating schools. It is to be noted that both the boys also won the bronze medal in the Sub-Junior Boys Fours category in the interstate challengers sprint national rowing championship.

In the under 12 category, Hana Saravanan and Kritin Narayanan won the SILVER medal in the double scull event. Hana Saravanan also won the SILVER medal in the girls single scull event.

Table Tennis Champ 

Sanjith K B of grade VI was the runner up in the cadet boys category in the 3rd Tamil Nadu state ranking table tennis tournament.

World Scholar

At the recently conducted World Scholar’s Cup global round held in Kaula Lampur, I had the opportunity to be part of the team from Chennai. We had qualified in the regional round and are now eligible for the tournament of champions at Yale University in the US. We took part in team debates, collaborative writing and quiz events and got the chance to mingle with 4000 students from 40 different countries, exchanging knowledge and culture. World Scholar was not only an academic decathlon, it proved to be a fun experience too, bringing the future generations of the world together.

- Shreya Uday Kumar, grade VIII


Primrose MUN 

At the PRIMMUN, delegates from CHSV won many awards including Best Debutante, Best Delegates and Special Mentions. The students received their awards from Mr. R.K Sharma, member of United Nations from India.

Football Champs

Our U-17 boys team emerged winners in the NPS Futsal tournament

In the inter-school football tournament conducted by BVM school, our under 11 boys were runner ups.

Parents’ Premier League

As part of the CHSV Parents Premier League, more than 30 Hari Shree dads participated in a game of cricket which also marked the end of the 2017-18 session of the CHSV Cricket Academy. The event which took place at the Gandhinagar grounds in Adayar was cheered by enthusiastic family members. 

In the U-13 cricket tournament conducted by the SCC Cricket Academy, our team emerged runners up.  Dhruv Thirumalai from Grade VIII won the Best Batsman award and Aryan Balagopal T B from grade VII won the Best Bowler Award.

Class IX

Please click on the link below to download the timetable and portions.

Semester – 2 Examination (2018-19)

Continuous Assessment – 2 (2018-19)

Semester – 1 Examination (2018-19)

Continuous Assessment – 1 (2018-19)


Class VIII

Please click on the link below to download the timetable and portions.

Cycle Test 4 Week 5 (February 25th to March 1st)

Cycle Test 4 Week 4 (February 18th to 22nd)

Cycle Test 4 Week 3 (February 11th to 15th)

Cycle Test 4 Week 2 (February 4th to 8th)

Cycle Test 4 Week 1 (January 28th to February 1st)

Cycle Test 3 Week 4 (December 10th to 14th)

Cycle Test 3 Week 3 (December 3rd to 7th)

Cycle Test 3 Week 2 (November 26th to 30th)

Cycle Test 3 Week 1 (November 19th to 23rd)

Semester – 1 Examination (2018-19)

Cycle Test 2 Week 5 (September 3rd to 7th)

Cycle Test 2 Week 4 (August 27th to 31st)

Cycle Test 2 Week 3 (August 20th to 24th)

Cycle Test 2 Week 2 (August 13th to 17th)

Cycle Test 2 Week 1 (August 6th to 10th)

Cycle Test 1 Week 3 (July 23rd to 27th)

Cycle Test 1 Week 2 (July 16th to 20th)

Cycle Test 1 Week 1 (July 9th to 13th)