Book Related Activities For Holiday Reading

  • Make a timeline of the important events that are happening in your book. Include important dates and events that took place in the characters lives.
  • Write down three reasons why someone should read your book.
  • Map maker – Draw a map of the book’s setting.
  • Create an award – for each of the main characters based on their actions in the book. One might be awarded “most courageous” for fighting peer pressure, another might be awarded “wisest” for the guidance he or she gave other characters. For each award, write a paragraph that explains why this character deserves this award
  • Scavenger Hunt:
    1. a three-syllable word
    2. the longest word in the book
    3. a word that includes the letters tion
    4. a four-syllable word
    5. an adjective
    6. a word with a prefix
    7. a sentence that includes a simile
    8. rhyming words
    9. synonyms or antonyms

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