Body, Mind and Spirit

June 21, 2018

International Yoga Day in our school started with an auspicious prayer followed by an informative introduction to the day by the senior students in charge. It was interesting to know that many celebrities and leaders are united in their practice of yoga. The routine began with a Pranayama exercise to facilitate breathing and help calm our minds. We gradually moved onto the ‘Nataraja asana’ which helps concentration and improvement of flexibility. The ‘Vrikshasana’ or tree pose was performed to attain stability. This was followed by the ‘Suryanamaskar’ or Sun Salutation routine. We learnt about different attributes of yoga like ahimsa, sathyam, santhosham and astheyam. Yoga Day encouraged us to practice yoga in our everyday lives and go about our day with a lasting sense of calm.

- Yaavnika Prakash, J Chandana, Chelsia, Radhai TC, grade VIII

Enthusiasm, focus and flexibility on display during yoga day in the junior campus

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