Awards & Accolades

Speak Your Way to the Top

Afshan Irshad of grade VI won the first place in the Humorous Speech Contest at the Gavelution conference and the third place in the Evaluation Contest in the junior category.

Recognizing the Story Teller

Ananya V Ganesh of grade VII was awarded the ‘Young Achiever’ by Downtown Icon Awards, an initiative to recognise talent in communities around Chennai, for her book 9 Chocolatey Bites.

Bang On Target

Vidyut Suresh of grade VIII won the 3rd place in the 50 m archery competition at the 2nd Puducherry Annual State Archery Meet conducted by the Puduchery Archery Sports Association.

tGELF Harmony 

In the tGELF Harmony Regional Competition held in our school, the Hari Shree team has qualified to the National Levels in the Street Play event.

Badminton Players who made us proud

In the ASISC Shuttle Badminton Regional Level Competitions held in Tuticorin, Gourav of grade XII was the runner up in the Senior Boys Singles Tournament. Kavya and Srinidhi of grade XII also emerged runners up in the Senior Girls Doubles Tournamnent. Gourav and Kavya will represent the school at the National Level

Quiz Whiz









Nandit Narayan, Pragya Agrawal and Amritha were the runners up at the CSIR Quiz

Kick  Start

 B.Tridhaman, of grade III, won 2nd prize in a District Level Karate Competition

International Recognition for Poorvaja 

S. Poorvaja of grade XI who was part of the team selected to represent India in the International Teenager Design and Art Contest in Busan, South Korea, won a consolation prize in the event.

Here is what she has to say about her experience:

Towards the beginning of this year I signed up for the InKo international art competition through the school, as it seemed like a good opportunity to visit South Korea and learn about their culture, I decided to give it a shot. Our topic was ‘Man and Nature’ and I painted a piece which described how every man is benefited from nature and is a part of it. Yet, we humans decide to take advantage of the gifts of mother nature instead of cherishing and taking care of it. I believe that it’s our turn to give back to mother nature and be grateful for all she has done for us.

I sent in two entries and won the silver medal. The competition was held between Korea, India and Japan. My sponsored 5 day trip to Busan gave me an opportunity to visit various museums and art galleries, Buddhist temples and enjoy the native Korean food. Besides dressing up in native Korean attire, we also learnt a little bit of Korean to communicate with our friends in Korea. Though I could win only a consolation prize, the memories created during my trip to Korea would stay with me for years to come.

ASISC Winners

August 5, 2017

Our students did us proud at the ASISC Regional level events held in Madurai.

Quiz Senior team 1st place – Ashwin & Pravara (class 12)

Creative Writing Senior category 1st place – Aparna PV (class 12)

Debate Senior category – Best Speaker award – Vishwa Shanmugam (class 12)

Declamation Junior category – 2nd place – Deekshanya (class 9)

Harvard MUN

August 12-15, 2017

Delegates from our school participated in the International Harvard Model United Nations in Hyderabad. Anya Rajaa of grade IX, a first time MUN delegate, got an honorary mention for her contribution in the committee.

IS – Scintillations – PS Senior Sec Culturals

Anirudh Subramaniam (class 12) – Best Singer Award

Sneha Krishnan & Krithy Kumar (class 10) – 3rd place in Poster Making

Nandith Narayan (class 12) – 3rd place in Coding

MUN Awards June – July

MUN Awards and Accolades
Millennium MUN,( PSBB Millennium School, Gerugambakkam) Special Mentions – Anivridh  Haribabu of grade XI and Vinay Madhav S and Abhirupan V K of grade IX
Primrose MUN (PRIMROSE School, Injambakkam) Best Delegates- Pranav Aditya Balaji and Raghav of grade IXSpecial Mention – Saketh T G of grade VIII
 APL MUN Outstanding Delegate – Samyukt Vasu of grade XIBest Delegate – Sidhant Navin Nichani of grade XISpecial Mention – Raghav of grade IX and Varsha Babu Vatul of grade XI
CV MUN Special Mention – Anivridh Haribabu of grade XI

Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter at the British Council 

At the Harry Potter Fan Fiction Story Writing Event organized by the British Council to commemorate 20 years of Harry Potter, Riti Sivakumar of grade VII won the 1st place in Chennai while N. Harshiikkha, also from grade VII, won the 2nd place.

National Science Day 2017

St.John’s Science Olympiad

In Category I (Grade IV and V), Sanjana Sindiri and Skanda Kumar Karthikeyan won the 1st place while Shashank S, Tamizhinian S and Ishaan Kumar G won the 2nd place.

In Category II (Grades VI and VII), Aditya B Prakash and Mahendra Kurup were awarded 1st place, Shrawan Gopal, Tejas Nageshwaran, Saketh T G, Tarun Ramkumar G and Advaith Menon won the 2nd place while Sricharan, Pranav Arcot, Yoogi Kovendhan and Anika Jahnavi Sridharan won the 3rd place.

NPS Impressionz’ 17 

Anirudh Subramaniam of grade XII won the 1st place in Carnatic music

Srinithi N & Madhushree of grade XII won the 2nd place in Tamil Debate

Sarika Kannan, Avantika Sivakumar and Ritu Rajesh of grade XI won the 1st place in Murder Mystery

Reflections – The Vidya Mandir Culturals 

Sweta Chakravarthi and Aruna Srikamakshi of grade XI won the second place in the Mindcraft event

SOF – Zonal/International Rank Holders for the academic year 2016-17

National Cyber Olympiad Advaith Menon and Mugil Vignesh Shanmugam (Grade VII) Mahendra Kurup (Grade VIII)
National Science Olympiad Yoogi Kovendhan (Grade VII)
International Math Olympiad Skandakumar Karttikeyan (Grade V), Krishna Karthikeyan and Yoogi Kovendhan (Grade VII)
International English Olympiad Madhurima Sriram (Grade IV), Manasa B (Grade VI), Tejas Nageshwaran (Grade VIII)
International Sports Knowledge Olympiad P Kishore Kumar (Grade IX)

Young Martial Art Enthusiast

Sahana Vamsee of grade V received her Black Belt in Karate Isshinryu style. Her vigorous training programme included sessions in Kata (imaginary fight), weapon handling, kumite (sparring), tile breaking and a 21 km run.

Talent Extraordinaire

Poorvaja S of grade XI was awarded the Silver Prize at the K-Art Middle and High School Student Art competition in Busan, South Korea, conducted by the InKo Centre in association with Lalit Kala Academy and Dakshinchitra. She will be travelling to Busan, South Korea to participate in the final round, the 2017 International Teenager Design and Art Contest.  The final round will be an on-the-spot painting competition between the selected participants from Japan, India and South Korea.

Table Tennis Star in the making

Advaith S J of grade V was awarded a prize for entering the pre-quarterfinals of the 2nd Tamil Nadu State Open Ranking Table Tennis Tournament.

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