Awards & Accolades


Ten delegates from our school attended the MUN conference held by Sankara school Adyar on 10th, 11th and 12th of August. Tejas from grade 10 won best editor award, Adhav and Abhinav from grade 9 won special mention awards, and Varun and Anirudh from grade 10 won the verbal mention award.

Sir Mutha MUN

A few delegates from our school attended the MUN conference conducted by SIR MUTHA held on 6th and 7th of August. Aditya from grade 10 got the best Best delegate in DISEC, Abhinav from grade 9 got the special mention award, and Aadhav and Jaidev from grades 9 and 10 received special mention awards.


Eleven delegates from our school attended the MUN conference conducted by SBOA school and junior college on August 23rd and 24th. Tejas from grade 10 received the special mention award. Aneesh and Aditya from grade 10 and Aadhav from grade 9 were part of the executive board in UNEP, DISEC and UNSC respectively.

International Painting Competition – INKO

As part of the InKo Design and Art competition, four students from Hari Shree were selected to take part in the final round held in Busan, South Korea. The one week trip included a memorable cultural exchange program, with tea ceremonies, cultural performances, and students dressing up in the traditional Korean Hanbok. The students from India were exposed to Korea and its culture as they were taken on tours around the city. They had a lot of fun visiting Buddhist temples, national parks and aquariums, and riding in hot air balloons and cable cars. Manjukashika of grade XII did Hari Shree proud by winning the gold medal in the final round of the Art competition. The overwhelming warmth and hospitality of the Korean people also touched the students. From trying exotic new food to meeting new people to learning about the completely unique culture of a different country, it was truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

GTA Culturals – Parampara

Parampara, the culturals hosted by GTA Vidya Mandir, was an occasion to be celebrated, with many HSV students participating in a variety of events. Our school students got third place in channel surfing, second place in JAM and Futsal and first place in Inception.

Frank Anthony Debate – Regionals

Nandita Lakshmankumar and Shreya Udaykumar participated in the second round of the Frank Anthony Debate competition held at the regional level in TVS School, Madurai.

Sociogenesis – A Stella Maris Culturals

On August 28th, CHSV Students attended the Sociology culturals, Sociogenesis, at Stella Maris College. The theme of the culturals was ‘Gender’ and based on this topic, five events were hosted. The competition was intense but we emerged second in Voiceless Voices, Sociosolve and Ads-up.


Students from the 6th, 7th and 10th grade took part in a Sanskrit competition held by Samskruta Bharati at DAV Girls Higher Secondary School on August 3rd. They won multiple awards and accolades including coming 1st in quiz and singing. It was an enriching and rewarding experience. Six students from Grade 5 enjoyed singing ‘Priyam Bharatam’ – ‘Beloved India’ in Sanskrit. They were given certificates in appreciation of their clear pronunciation.

CISCE Tamil Nadu Cricket Regionals

Our junior boys cricket team participated in the CISCE Tamilnadu Regional cricket tournament held in The Vikasa school (ICSC), Tuticorin, on August 13th and 14th 2019 .Our school cricket team got 3rd place in the regional level. Dhruv Thirumalai of grade IX received the man of the match awards in three matches out of 4 in this tournament. Dhruv Thirumulai of grade IX, Vishnu Rajaram of grade VIII, Ishaan Kumar and Shravan Thyagarajan of grade VII, and Yuvan and Abhinav of grade VI have qualified to play at the National Level, as a part of the CISCE Tamil Nadu state team.

Football Regionals

Our junior and senior boys’ football teams participated in the CISCE Tamil Nadu Regional Football Tournament, hosted by Montfort School, Yercaud, on the 5th and 6th of July. S Salai Kiranamali of Grade 10 and Ashvin Krishnan of Grade 11, from the junior and senior levels, respectively, were awarded the Best Player Award. Nithin Vijayanambi and Mehul Saravanan of Grade 12, along with Ashvin Krishnan from Grade 11 and Shravan of Grade 8 have qualified to play at the National Level, as a part of the CISCE Tamil Nadu state team.

British Council Quiz

The British Council, Chennai conducted The World Cup Quiz on 5th July 2019 as a gesture to celebrate the 12th edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup that was hosted by England. The quiz was very insightful for the participants as it was an event mixed with knowledge and fun. The quiz provoked the interest of the participants and spectators to learn more about cricket. Two teams represented by students of class IX participated. Both the teams made it to the semi-final round, which consisted of 8 teams out of 50 schools that participated.

Sishya Culturals

A team of XI Graders from our school attended Sishyamitra, the annual Sishya Culturals held on 5th and 6th July. The participants bagged number of prizes including first place in Lexicon, second place in Channel Surfing and third place in Develop the Negatives. This event provided us with immense opportunity to showcase our talents and mingle with students of other schools.

Chettinad Vidyashram MUN & Primrose MUN

Our students participated in the Primrose and Chettinad Vidyashram Model United Nations Conferences held this month. As always, it was a fulfilling learning experience filled with debating and diplomacy for the students and, in typical Hari Shree fashion, their performance was absolutely outstanding which resulted in them winning awards and accolades as mentioned below. 

Primrose MUN

Sathwik G, G M S Ahimsa, Kavya Ramesh and Aditya B Prakash of grade 10 and S Pravaal Reddy of grade 9 received Special Mentions. G Hamsini and Mekala Bala Gopal of grade 10 and Aaditya of grade 9 won the Best Debutante award. Aadhav S Bharadwaj of grade 9, S Tejaswini of grade 10 and Krithy Satish Kumar of grade 12 won the Best Delegate award. Aneesh Sriram and Jaidev Bhalaje of grade 10 were chairpersons of the UNHRC and UNICEF committees respectively

Chettinad Vidyashram MUN

Ashvin Krishnan and S Raghav of grade 11 won High Commendations.

Abhinav Sivakumar and Aadhav S Bharadwaj of grade 9 received Special Mentions Anivridh Haribabu and V K Abhirupan, Hari Shree alumni, received the Best Verbal Mention

Frank Anthony Debate

Frank Anthony Memorial Debate is conducted annually by the Council in memory of Mr. Frank Anthony, founder of CISCE. This year, our students from both junior and senior levels participated in the event hosted by Primrose School and Abacus School respectively. The teams engaged in a lively discussion on the topics allotted to them. Shreya Uday Kumar and Nandita Lakshman kumar, from the junior level have qualified for the next round and Raghav and Dheekshanya from the senior level received the participation certificates.

HLC Debate

HLC International School conducted their inter-school debate competition, in which 5 students of Hari Shree participated. The format of this debate was mildly different as it required students to group themselves with students of other schools. The team represented by Nandita Lakshmankumar of class IX and S Raghav of class XI from our school won the first and second place respectively.

Dheekshanya of class XI received the award for Best Rebuttal. Shreya Uday Kumar’s team was recognized as the most professional team. S Raghav also won the Best Speaker Award. Overall it was an enriching learning experience.

- S Raghav, grade XI

World Scholar’s Cup

Krtin, Pavarna and Nanditha of class IX and Abhiram of class XI represented the school in ‘World Scholar’s Cup’, Global Round, Beijing, China. Abhiram was placed second in South Asia. Krtin, Pavarna and Nanditha came first in South Asia. The participants won gold and silver medals in various events.

Aniruddh S J of Class X Sahana participated in ‘Head of Adyar’ race in May 2019 that was conducted by ‘The Madras Boat Club’ to create awareness to protect the water bodies in our city. He won the bronze medal in double scull, rowing about 3.5km.


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