Archives – Workshops in the Junior Campus

Storytelling and Music are an integral part of Junior Campus life, so it was only appropriate that this academic year started with two interesting and interactive workshops on these themes for the teachers.

Story telling Workshop

June 3, 2015

Ms. Pooja Giri conducted a two hour intensive workshop on the art of telling stories, drawing special attention to including music and repetitive phrases in stories for children of the pre primary age group. “We are nothing but our stories” – the session brought this quote to life, taking the listeners on a journey back to their childhood.

Music Workshop

June 5, 2015

Ms. Krithika conducted an intensive work shop on Music and Music appreciation for the teachers of the Junior Campus. She impressed upon the importance of singing with joy in the classroom as the key to making children sing. She spoke about encouraging children to express themselves through music and also highlighted the importance of explicit pronunciation. Her rendition of various songs, in English and Tamil, included a lovely folk song.

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