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August 5, 2015

Hari Shree Vidyalayam celebrated the birth anniversary of our founder, Dr. Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar, as Tamizh Day in school. The theme of the Tamizh Day celebrations revolved around ‘Naan,Naam,Naangal’ (‘I – We – Us’)  and focused on highlighting Tamizh culture and sensitizing students to Tamizh tradition. Students of all classes wore traditional Tamizh clothes to school, decorated the entrance to their classrooms with a ‘Kolam’ and the school kitchen served authentic Tamizh cuisine. They also watched presentations on the life of the founder and there were performances by the students in the auditorium, keeping with the traditional theme of the day. Teachers spoke in Tamizh to the students and there was a festive atmosphere in the school.

The programmes for the day were spread across three sessions:

Session I (7.40 to 8.10) – Classes V to XII

Students and Jayalakshmy Acharya sing a traditional Tamizh prayer

Presentation on the contributions of Dr. Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar

Karthik Iyer and Ashwin of class VIII sing a poem written by Mangalam Acharya and set to tune by Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi

Madhushri rendering a Tamizh poem penned by Mangalam Acharya

Tamizh Acharya Ms.Jayalakshmy speaks to the students on the language and culture

Teachers performing a skit highlighting the various spoken Tamizh dialects

Ms.Meenakshi Nagaraj, Vice Principal addresses the students in Tamizh

Students sing a Bharathiyar song ‘Thamizh Vazhthu ’ to end the session

Festive School Campus

Session II (8.30 to 9.20) – Classes II to IV

Students dressed in traditional finery assembled in the auditorium

Kuthuvillaku being lit by a senior Ayamma in the school, watched by Tamizh Acharya Tamizh Selvi

Contributions of Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar highlighted in the form of a dialogue exchange

Students dancing to Bharathiyar songs

A monologue by a student dressed as Vavusi

Dressed up as Ramanujam, a student delivers a monologue

A stirring monologue by a student dressed as Veera Pandi Katta Bomman

Students of Class III singing a song Thamizh Thai Vazhthu…..

Students of class IV singing ‘Naan, Naam, Nangal’ penned by Mangalam Acharya

Junior School Head Ms.Poornima talks to the students in Tamizh

Session III (10-10.40) – Classes V to VIII

Vice Principal Ms.Meenakshi, Student Mentor Ms.Deepa, Activity Coordinators Ms.Hema and Ms.Chitra and Parent Coordinator Ms.Latha Goutham were the chief guests

Ms. Hema and Ms.Chitra light the ‘kuthuvilakku’

Recorded video messages by the students elaborating on ‘I’ (students of class 6), ‘We’ (students of class 7) and ‘Us’ (students of class 8)

Class VIII performs a traditional folk dance highlighting the importance of kolam.

Class VI performs a drama based on Tenali Raman and the theme ‘I, We, Us’

Speeches by activity coordinator Ms.Chitra Mohankumar, Ms.Nandini of Class VIII and Tamizh Acharya Ms.Lakshmi who anchored the proceedings

Students end the session with a song by Bharathiyar – ‘Mangala Padal’

Students eat a typical Tamizh meal in the school dining hall

The library display encouraged students to read books written in Tamizh

Traditional decoration at the school entrance foyer

Charts were displayed all around the school premises to spread awareness about various aspects of Tamizh culture like traditional games, food, medicines, dance, festivals etc.

Students decorated the entrance to their classroom with kolam


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