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Visiting Kalakshetra – Grade III

December 20, 2017

During their trip to Kalakshetra, the students of grade III saw people learning learning dance and music and also got an opportunity to visit the pottery sessions.

Grade XII at Chettinad Health City Biotechnology Lab

December 15, 2017

As part of their extended learning program, the Biology students of grade XII visited the Chettinad Health City Biotechnology lab to get a hands-on experience in performing experiments.

A World in its Own – Grade VI visits Theosophical Society

December 15, 2017

The chirping birds in the morning, the flickering rays of the sun seeping through the leaves are some of the moments when a person is truly mesmerized by the beauty of nature and creation. The Huddlestone Gardens of Theosophical society located in Adayar, is covered with a large variety of flora and fauna, which provides a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. As a part of our biology internals on the ‘Structure and Function of Plants’, we got an opportunity to identify many specimens linked to our topic, which inspired us to look for more such specimens.

- Harshitha, and B. Sririsha, grade VI

A World of Make Believe – Grade VII at the Anna Centenary Library

December 12, 2017

Books are mans best friends – we realized how true this statement is during our visit to the Anna Centenary library. We were surrounded by books on all sides. The visit to children’s section in the first floor was followed by a trek to the seventh floor to visit the section on Travel, Tourism and Social Sciences. We were excited as some of us got to see the Olai Chuvadi for the first time. As we had some time with us, we went back to the children’s section, sat under the faux tree to enjoy the pleasure of reading.

- Aditi Hari Shankar, grade VII

Stop, Think, Act – Grade II visits the Traffic Park

November 29, 30 2017

The trip to the Birla Planetarium was fun and exciting. We first stopped at the traffic park to see what the traffic signs mean. Next we went to see the models of rocket, train and aeroplane before going to the Science Park to see the snails and frogs.

- Report by grade II students

Grade IV – A visit to the Planetarium

The students of grade IV visited the Birla Planetarium as part of our experiential learning on the topic ‘Exploring Space’. We saw a huge circular room with a dome on the top. The stars suddenly appeared on the dome when the room went dark. We also saw a 3D show on dinosaurs.

- Ahalya Chandrashekar, Grade IV

 Grade VI – Reliving History at the Egmore Museum

The students of grade VI visited the Egmore Museum as part of their History Class. We had an opportunity to view many old sculptures, inscriptions, manuscripts and fossils. The Indus Valley civilization which we had read about in our History text books came alive for us in the museum. We also got to see the first model of a bicycle. Overall, it was a fun experience.

- Ria Rajakumar and Veysri M, Grade VI

Grade V – Recreation – Reading Under the Tree

October 11, 2017

The visit to the Anna Centenary Library was filled with fun, excitement and joy. The huge library building which greeted us kindled our curiosity to know more about the library. Our first stop was at the Braille section where the librarian explained the facts about the Braille language. We got an opportunity to touch the Braille boards for the first one. Next we went to the children’s section. Toy birds, parrots, cute monkeys and a white sloth bear on a huge realistic tree was the centre of attraction. We were told about the various facilities available at the library like the old wooden manuscripts written in various languages. We were also given books to read and we enjoyed reading it under the tree.

- Advika and Kavya, Grade V

 A visit to the Irula Community – Grade XI and XII

The Sociology and Psychology students of grade XI and XII visited the Irula community at Annai Sathya Nagar, Thirukazhakundram. The children had an insight into the Tribes of India and the Bonded Labour System. Children were also given an opportunity to interact with the tribes to get to know about their culture, lifestyle, and problems.

The trip was enriching and interesting and we learned about the Irula culture and their lifestyle. It provided us with an opportunity to mingle with people about whom we had only read about in text books. Through our interaction with the tribals, we learned the value that each day must be lived to the fullest before wondering about the next and we must cherish what we have.

 - Grade XII Sociology and Psychology students.

Silence is Golden – Grade V

Our trip to Ramakrishna Mutt was very ‘quiet’. First we went to the meditation hall where we sat in meditation for some time. It relaxed our body and minds, then we were shown a power point presentation on ‘Silence’. The Swamiji spoke to us on the value of silence and respecting others. All of us felt that sitting quietly for some time is not so difficult.

- Students of grade V

Colours of Life  – Art Elective Students

The Art elective students of grades X to XII and the CE students of grade VIII visited the Korean Floral Art exhibition at InKo centre and the Art Houz Gallery.

Little Moments, Big Memories – Grade II

At the Adyar Poonga, we saw herbs, shrubs, climbers, creepers and trees. We also saw fish, terrapin and tortoise. we held a terrapin and a tortoise and were excited. We saw a clipping on keeping the earth clean. We saw so many flowers like lily, lotus, aloe vera, rose and hibiscus. We saw a honey bee busy taking honey from the flower, going buzz buzz….. After that we played hide and seek with my Acharyas and friends. We saw a fish jumping all around the water. We enjoyed the field trip. Thank you Acharyas!

- S Mahilan and K Ilakkiya, Grade II


Catch the Falling Stars – Grade III

Children were transported to space during the visit to the Birla Planetarium. The planets, stars, black holes, galaxies, space showers and meteorites gave them hands-on learning experience. They were amazed and thrilled to watch a 3D show and understand that ice rocks float around Saturn and the earth is made up of gases.

Fun with Numbers – Grade XI

6 students of grade XI attended the CMI workshop, where they explored topics beyond the text book. The hands on experience widened their perspective on Mathematics and its link to other subjects.

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