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Art Elective students of grade X & XII visited the Art Houz Gallery and saw the works of 14 year old B.S Ganesh.

A walk down Annals of History – Grade X at Fort St. George

March 29, 2017 

Students of grade X took a trip down memory lane to Fort Museum in Fort St.George, reliving the British Raj.

A report by Rishi and Ashank:

As part of interdisciplinary learning, we visited Fort St. George. We had a taste of ‘Madras’ during the colonial times. We saw the uniforms used during the pre independence times besides the coins, artefacts, ornaments and art work. A visit to St. Mary’s church, a perfect example of Anglo Indian architecture, culminated the study tour.

Grade X visits Kancheepuram

March 25, 2017 

Students of grade X went on a study trip to rural areas in Kancheepuram to facilitate experiential learning as part of their Geography lesson in agriculture and also a culmination of the agri literacy programme as part of their grade IX SUPW. Ms. Radha Varadarajan, the agri literacy facilitator guided the students and teachers during the trip.

Report by Shriya and Ambika:

Kancheepuram greeted us with refreshing coconut water and kancheepuram idlis. Our first stop was to a farm where we had a hands on experience of transplanting paddy in the slushy fields. The talk on the process of cultivating rice made us appreciate the farmer’s efforts at feeding the nation. We also enjoyed a bullock cart ride and tried our hands at the Potter’s Wheel. The visit to a nearby temple gave us a glimpse into ‘Therukoothu’, where the artists were performing episodes from the Mahabharatha. The next stop was to a huge paddy field where we got to see a harvester in action, harvesting, winnowing and threshing the crops. The trip ended with a visit to a vegetable garden where we had a refreshing picnic under the shady trees.

Visit to Thiruvannamalai 

January 31, 2017

Students from the School Prefectorial Board, Interact Club and grade XI had the opportunity to visit Thiruvannamalai, where they interacted with the staff and students of Marudam School and met Mr.Govind, who is involved in restoring the forest area around the hills there. The students realized the need for adopting sustainable solutions on a war footing in order to conserve our limited natural resources.

Krithy Kumar, Asst. Press Co-ordinator who had the opportunity to be part of the team shares her experience -

I thought there was a difference between the problems faced by the students in the villages and the cities. This trip certainly changed my perspective of life and gave me a new essence to bonding. En route to Marudam Farm School, we visited the peaceful Tiruvanamalai temple. The experience of sitting on a rock in a park and listening to Mr.Govind, a man who has adapted himself to a lifestyle in harmony with nature, talk about how we can save humanity, gave me clearer idea as to why we should cherish each and every moment in our lives. When we reached the Marudam School, there was a very lively vibe. We learnt a village dance form called Kaliyiyal, made friendship bracelets, participated in a theatre class and interacted with the students over there. It was indeed a life-changing experience.

Grade VII Biology Field trip to Modern Bread Industries

January 18, 2017  

Students of grade VII visited Modern Bread Industries as an extension of their academic activity in Biology. They toured the baking unit and learnt the different processes carried out, from fermenting the dough till it turns out to be the bread sold in the market as ‘Modern Bread’.

Grade VII visit to Chennai Port

January 10 , 2017

The students of grade VII were taken on a field trip to Chennai Port in conjunction with their lesson on Hydrosphere. They were guided by an employee of the port who explained about the different types of ships docked there and their uses.  Here is what the children had to say..

‘We went on a field trip to Chennai Port. We learnt about the making and maintenance of different ships and their uses. This trip gave us an insight into how much work goes into the import and export of items, something that we took for granted all along.’

- Pranav and Tejas, Grade VII

Grade VIII visits Semmozhi Poonga

January 6, 2017

Students of grade IX visited the Semmozhi Poonga as part of their Biology study trip. Here is what they had to say..

‘The erstwhile Woodlands Drive-In hotel is now the land of woods. This poonga is home to over 500 species of plants and 100 species of trees. The moist air, dense flora and exotic plants separate you from the city.  This trip gave us a hands-on learning of the different characteristics of various plants.’

 - Thoshika B, Aakash.M, Sahana Bharadwaj – Grade VIII

Grade VI – Science

November 16 and 17 

Students of grade VI visited the Adyar Poonga, an ecological park set up by the Government of Tamil Nadu in the Adyar estuary. Students were guided through the premises by the Education Officer at the park and were shown videos on the restoration of this fragile ecosystem.

Grade IX, X and XI –Art

October 26, 2016 

Students of grade IX, X and XI who have opted for Art their elective, visited Art exhibitions at Art Houz Gallery and Lalit Kala Academy, which showcased the works of artists Mr.Vijay Pitchamani and Mr.Sivakumar (actor). They got the opportunity to interact with Mr.Vijay and understand the techniques involved, first hand.

Grade XI and XII – History

October 17, 2016 

History students of grade XI and XII visited the Egmore museum and Connemara Public Library to do research on topics for their internals.

Grade XI – Humanities

October 4, 2016

Humanities students of grade XI interacted with similar grade students of Srihari Vikasam. They got an opportunity to see their talents and understand how they overcome their challenges.

Class VI – Government Museum, Egmore

July 26, 2016  

As an extension of their History lesson, students of grade VI visited the Government Museum in Egmore to engage in experiential learning.

Admiring the ancient sculptures

Taking notes on interesting facts

Learning is fun!

A dinosaur comes alive!

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