Archives – Service Learning (2014-15)

A reflection of our commitment to action.

Service Learning aims at inculcating a sense of kinship between the students and the community that surrounds them. An array of initiatives to incorporate community service experience into student’s school work at Hari Shree augments the overall development of the child. Service learning that integrates meaningful community service with classroom work allows children to connect academic studies with real life solutions while inspiring them to accept that they have the responsibility to give back to the community. With this ideal in mind, each class undertakes a project every academic year that allows them to interact with and do their bit to improve some aspect/area of life around them. The scope of the contribution largely depends on the age of the children. This age appropriate contribution may range from an awareness program for the children themselves, or a larger community, to a small-scale action plan for improvement. The scope of these programs may vary, but the program focuses on giving children ample time and opportunity to learn about the issue at hand. This is achieved by scheduling periodical slots to enable all the children in that grade to come together to work on a common goal.

Service Learning Projects implemented during the year 2014-15 for classes II to XII:



Service Learning Initiatives integrated into the curriculum 2014-15:



Some of the other service learning initiatives undertaken this year are:


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