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October 29, 2015

Amidst tangible excitement and nervousness, the school elections for electing members of the student council were held on 29th October. The student council, which is composed of 12 posts, had 2 candidates contesting for each post and after days of campaigning by the candidates, the council members were elected using the traditional ballot system, comprising of chits and ballot boxes. Students of class XI organized and supervised the process with the support of the teachers.

Members of the Student Council

Election Results
Year 2015 – 2016
Executive Committee
Head Boy Shriraam Venkatasubramani
Head Girl Rakshitha Arun
Assistant Head Boy A Dhanush Vigneshwar
Assistant Head Girl Shruti Shivakumar Jayaraman
Student Welfare Committee
Student Welfare Head Harsh Yadav
Student Welfare Assistant Ananya Arvind
Madras Filter Kapi
Press Coordinator Sonaali B
Assistant Press Coordinator Nithya Sudhakar Narayanaswamy
Cultural Committee (Events)
Cultural Secretary (Events) Darani Iyer
Assistant Cultural Secretary (Events) Shreya Sandipta Khuntia
Cultural Committee (Festivals)
Cultural Secretary (Festivals) Madhumitha Sriram
Assistant Cultural Secretary (Festivals) Vaishnavi Ravichandran


Sports Committee
Sports Captain (Girl) Rajalakshmi
Sports Captain (Boy) Chiranjeev
Vayu House Captains
Angelin Gifty
Akash House Captains
Sanjana Suresh
Agni House Captains
Karthikeyan Ravishankar
Anjana Suresh
Prithvi House Captains

Investiture Ceremony

October 30, 2015

The Investiture Ceremony happened the following morning, with the elected leaders receiving their badges, a symbol of the responsibility and trust reposed in them. Led by the head boy and head girl, the entire student council pledged to take up the responsibility of holding up the reputation of the school.

So, though many often joke that the phrase ‘Election Results’ is an anagram of the phrase ‘Lies, let’s recount’, this wasn’t the scenario of our school’s annual election, thanks to teamwork, collaboration and coordination, the three qualities that make a true leader.

                                                                                      As reported by Anjana and Sanjana Suresh

Class 11 Takshashila

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