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As a school we endeavour to incorporate a balanced curriculum that not only helps the children stay rooted to our culture but also nurtures them to contribute to world harmony by becoming global citizens in the true sense of the term.

Empowering the Akkas and Annas   

The Class IX students of Hari Shree Vidyalayam drew inspiration from the country’s cherished Gandhian ideals and decided to base their History/Civics internal assessment on improving the welfare of the school Ayyamas, Akkas and Annas. It was an effort to contribute to the well being of our invaluable support staff while recognizing their contribution towards the school community.

Each section of Class IX was divided into three groups with their own unique agendas.

Group 1 – Promotion of cottage industries

The first group interviewed a group of ayyammas and annas, to understand their hobbies outside school and the nature of the cottage industry they would like to be involved with. Based on their response, students procured material and spent quality time with the Ayyamas and Annas teaching them activities like basket-weaving and painting.

Group 2 – Propagation of health and hygiene

The second group performed a skit on maintaining hygiene. The skit was adapted to simulate scenarios which the ayyammas might face at school and even at home with friends and family. The play was set in Tamil and presented in an appealing and funny way, so that the ayyammas would have no trouble understanding it. It ended with a Tamil animated video depicting reasons why health and hygiene are important.

Group 3 – Teaching Basic Spoken English and etiquette

The third group helped a group of ayyamas and akkas with spoken English, reading, writing and simple etiquette. The group was aware that ayyamas were having trouble reading class names in English and the Roman numerals on the plaques outside the classes. During an interactive session, the students taught Roman numerals and simple English phrases that might come in handy while doing their daily chores. They were also given pointers on etiquette while attending to parents and visitors coming to school.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” This little act of goodwill made an obvious difference, and the smile it brought to faces was unforgettable.

- With input from Shruti Jayaraman



Saponification Workshop
January 13, 2016

A workshop on soap making or saponification was organized for students of Class VII on January 13, 2015. The workshop, which provided information about the various chemicals in soap and the process of soap making, was both educational and fun for the students.

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