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1. Conserve My Planet 2014

Conserve My Planet is an environmental awareness programme at CHSV aimed at educating young minds on energy conservation and instil a sense of responsibility in them towards their environment. This project was initiated by Schneider Electric along with SHARP NGO.


To sustain humanity on our planet, we need to build responsible communities that recognize the importance of conserving energy and the environment.


  • Educate young minds on energy conservation.
  • Make students realise that they can each make a difference to a global issue.
  • Instil a sense of responsibility.
  • Provide energy saving solutions to homes and campuses.
  • Target a larger community through this program.

A timeline of events at CHSV…

July 2014 – Initiation 

  • Schneider Electric conducted a day long Induction Programme for the Teacher Co-ordinators consisting of many interactive sessions. The current initiatives till 2014 of the member schools were shared and new commitments were made to work towards a green Planet Earth.  Rakhi acharya and Krupa acharya from the Science dept volunteered to spearhead this project at CHSV.

  • Children from classes 5, 6 and 7 were invited to volunteer for the programme The volunteers formed the core team consisting of 100 students, who were aptly called the GREEN COPS of Hari Shree.

August 2014 – Installation 

  • The chosen 100 Green Ambassadors were inducted into the “Conserve My Planet” project in a special school assembly. The guest speaker, Mr. Joesph Napoleon Sr.Manager, Human Resources from Schneider Electric, who also presided over the Independence Day function in school, gave an inspiring speech to the students on the need to conserve energy and the hazards that result in the misuse of various natural resources. Students were given an insight on how to observe the energy consumption at home and make changes to save energy.

September 2014 – Green Pledge 

A Conserve My Planet session was held in school in which Mr. Debasish Majumder, Director, Engineering Excellence Centre of Schneider Electric Invensys, was the Chief Guest. He addressed the gathering and emphasised the importance of energy conservation in all walks of life. He then distributed Green Kits to the students.  Also present were officials from Schneider and Sharp NGO.

In her address, the Principal reminded the children of their commitment towards a “Green Planet Earth”. The students eagerly accepted their role and took a “Green Pledge” to actively work for a sustainable future and to save the earth by conserving energy.

Power Pledge 

I am the future of this world.

It is my duty and pride

to protect planet Earth.

I pledge to protect planet Earth

and the environment.

I will keep my surroundings clean.

I will conserve electricity, fuel and water

in all walks of my life.

I will reduce, reuse and recycle

to conserve energy.

I will utilise energy optimally

and never misuse it.

I pledge to always conserve energy

at home and at campus.

There was also an interactive session on how to conserve energy at home. A simple seven step rule was given to conserve energy at home.  The assembly ended with a photo session of the 100 green ambassadors with the Chief Guest, Principal and other dignitaries.

October 2014 – Establishing the Roles & Responsibilities of Green Cops 

Students who are part of the Conserve My Planet project had an orientation on ‘Conserve Energy at Campus’. It was conducted by officials from Sharp NGO. After a walk through Campus Tour, the green ambassadors donned the role of “Power Detectives”. They were given tips to save energy at school. The aim of the activity is to monitor the use of energy, land, air, water and waste around the school campus. Students were given special stickers to monitor different locations and a group audit report was done to measure the optimal use of energy, land, air, water and also appropriate disposal of waste.

November 2014 – Transaction of lessons and activities 

  • Emission Check – Green Ambassadors of Conserve My Planet performed the ‘Green Cop’ Activity to create awareness among motorists on emission control. Batches of 30/35 students went on 3 separate days to a nearby Petrol bunk and interacted with motorists to create awareness.  Vehicles with a proper emission certificate were given a Green Tag. Those without a proper emission certificate were encouraged to adopt pollution control measures and save on consumption of fuel by car pooling and using public transport system.

    • Artistic Expression – The school level painting competition had full and earnest participation of all the members of the “Conserve My Planet” project. Green Ambassadors were very enthusiastic to make bright and imaginative sketches to give their view on “Energy Envision : 2020” with the theme – Achieve more while using less of our common planet!
    • Campus Audit – Students who were part of the Campus Audit presented their Audit Report. The Audit report had a thorough analysis of the usage of resources such as Air, Water, Land, Energy and Waste. The earlier initiatives of the school such as E-Waste Collections and assembly programmes on conservation of the above resources were well highlighted by the students. They also gave suggestions to further improve utilization of resources.

  • Conserve At Home project was completed and submitted with the Signature Campaign Sheet.
  • Solar Oven Model making competition saw enthusiastic participation and imaginative oven modelling.
  • Assessment  of Learning – The written Quiz, a part of the Conserve My Planet project was held in school on November 21st.

December 2014 

Conserve My Planet Green Championship 2014 

On December 10th 2014, over 1000 green ambassadors from all the 10 member schools participated in the Conserve My Planet Green Championship 2014 held at the PSBB School. The Championship marked the culmination of sessions and activities ongoing in the schools for the last many months.

Laurels Won by CHSV: 

  • Keerthana G. of Class VI Sammandhi bagged the Green Champion of the year award. Her model on bio gas generation that uses kitchen waste to generate fuel for the kitchen won over the judges in the ‘Meet the Energy Icon” models making challenge. This is a self sustaining system and a workable model that may be tried out in the CHSV kitchen.
  • Rachna Sundaram of class VI Roja emerged as  the Green Artist 2014  in an art competition that saw the participation of over 1000 students

  • Krupa Acharya has been awarded the much coveted Schneider Electric Energy Star 2014  award. As the highest energy saver teacher, she won a cash prize of Rupees Ten Thousand.

Ms. Krupa Venkatesh, Keerthana G, Rachna Sundaram, Ms. Rakhi Kurup

 Congratulations to the CHSV Conserve My Planet team!

Our Experiences


2. Class VIII – Bringing about innovations in the Math Class – GTA Project 2014 by Ms. Sivakamasundari

Ms. Sivakamasundari, who is a faculty member in the Math Department is implementing an Action Research Project in Class VIII. The Action Research project is part of The Global Teacher Accreditation program spearheaded by the British Council for member schools.

The project aims to help the students retain algebraic identities with ease. The students are given opportunities to connect with prior learning, visualise identities using algebraic tiles and engage in activities which facilitate understanding of abstract concepts. The logic behind the concepts helps students recall formulae more effortlessly. The students also gain exposure to new teaching strategies that are being practised across the globe. The classroom activities include videos for the visual learner, hands-on activity for the kinaesthetic learner and interactive smart board lessons for both types of learners.  The students are also encouraged to use website links which are in the form of games and worksheets, to revise the concepts.

3. Class VI – Understanding Student Learning in Math Class – GTA Project 2014 by Ms. Rajalakshmi

Nowadays, teaching is reaching new heights, with new methodologies cropping up to make learning more engaging for students. At Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Ms. Rajalakshmi, the math facilitator for class VI is implementing an action research project to introduce the concept of integers.

The purpose of the exercise is to present concepts to students using innovative and effective teaching methods that cater to different learning styles.  These class activities not only help children devise individual strategies to work with integers using counters but also clear common misconceptions in the concept.

One of the recent activities involved presenting integer rules through the use of music. This session was facilitated by Mrs. Jeba (Click here to listen to the integer song). The Class VI children also gained an opportunity to share their learning when they engaged with their friends in class 5 during the mentor program.

Ms. Rajalakshmi’s Action Research Project is part of The Global teacher Accreditation Program spearheaded by the British Council for member schools. Three more teachers from CHSV are also participating in the program.

4. Project on Sustainable Development – Bags out of used clothes

5. Project on Story Telling – Tamil Language Learning – Bommai Ulagam

6. Project on “Reaching out to the community” – Citizenship Fair

7. Collaborative Project – Exploring Festivals

8. Project on Computer Literacy and Programming 

9. Designing Khadi Garments – Project for History Internals

10. Project on Algae

11. History Lesson Project – Class 6 – Learning at Egmore Museum

12. Story Telling 

13. Story Telling 

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