Archives – Lola Blatch’s one month visit 2013-14

August 2013

True to the word partnership, Blackfen and Hari Shree took their joint venture to the next step. Hari Shree extended an invitation to Ms. Lola Blatch of Blackfen School for Girls, London, to spend time at our school, teaching, learning and exchanging best teaching practices. With a go-ahead from both ends, this visit happened in August, 2013, for three weeks.

The entire teaching fraternity benefitted by this visit. Teachers from both the primary and secondary school invited her to their classes for observations. Feedback for all these observations was given on formal forms. Ms. Lola taught scheduled GSP (Global School Partnership) and Citizenship classes at various grade levels. Ms. Lola also conducted training sessions after school for the teachers about best teaching practices.

The expanse of the visit also had an impact on the extended community. She visited our sister school in Karur and conducted interactive sessions for both teachers and students. Another place she visited was the Eureka Street School, Kalpakkam, who are one of the beneficiaries of the International Citizenship Fair both held both in London and at Hari Shree.

Ms. Lola was impressed with the ethos, culture and tradition of Hari Shree. She was overwhelmed by the support provided by the parent community too. Her visit culminated in the International Citizenship Fair. On the whole, this visit cemented strong friendship between the two schools.

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