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August 25, 2016  

The presence of Lord Krishna was felt in the campus through the activities held in school as part of the Krishna Jayanthi celebrations. Beautifully painted Krishna’s feet decorated the school corridors from the entrance all the way till the pooja altar in the Vrindavan courtyard. Children painted colourful peacock feathers in their art classes.

The assembly was abuzz with speeches and songs to mark the occasion. Verses from the Bhagavad Gita were also recited. Bringing alive the stories of Krishna’s ‘kreeda’ in Gokulam, Hari Shree conducted its first ever ‘matka’ breaking event for the four houses. This inter house activity was met with great enthusiasm and fervour by the students, teachers, admin staff and akkas and annas.

Peacock feathers, a work of art

Krishna’s eternal message, the Bhagavad Gita

The day after Janmashtami ‘raasleelas’ are performed to remember the childhood memories of Lord Krishna. One such famous act is breaking the’ matka’ or ‘uriyadi’ as it is called in Tamizh. The Child-God Krishna and his friends used to form human pyramids to break pots hung from the ceilings of the neighbourhood houses in Gokulam in order to steal curd and butter.

We follow the same tradition till date; however, the earthen pot is filled with flowers, fruits and prize money. The ‘Matka breaking’ game teaches us team work, unity, co-ordination and to focus in order to achieve our goal.

- MS Pranav of Class IX on the significance of ‘Matka Breaking’


Balance, agility and lots of fun

Perfect timing!

Akkas of the school trying their hand at matka breaking

Bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna – the primary choir

Little Krishna and his gopis


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