Archives – Intricate Rhythm at School

October 5, 2015  

The school played host to a cultural event organized by SPICMACAY, the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth. Eleven artistes from Manipur enthralled the students of our school with traditional ‘Drum Dances’ of Manipur called the ‘Pung Cholom Sankirtan’ and the ‘Dhol Dholak Cholom’.

The event started with a prayer song by students and a welcome address by a class X member of the school cultural committee and an introduction to the traditional dances of Manipur. The performance by the dancers, who simultaneously played the ‘Dholak’, was a masterful display of synchronisation, agility, rhythm, discipline and skill. An appreciative audience, consisting of students from classes II to V and X to XII, cheered and clapped during the one hour programme. The artistes were thanked and adorned with ‘kumkum’ and ‘chandan’ in keeping with our traditions.

- As reported by the MFK team

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