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A trip to Vandaloor Zoo – Grade IV

February 9, 2018

Our trip to Vandalur Zoo started with the journey in a big bus, eating snacks along the way. We walked through the zoo and saw many fascinating animals like the white tiger, otters, lions, turtles, monkeys, deer and elephants. My favourites were the peacock and the giraffe. I also enjoyed watching the funny manner in which the chimpanzee walked. After a delicious meal, we returned home. I loved this field trip, it was the best!

- Janisha Vignesh Kumar, grade IV

A Peek into Village Life – Grade III in Chokhi Dhani

February 2, 2018

Our trip to Chokhi Dhani started with a bus ride where we danced and sang.  There we saw dances and a magic show. We also went on bullock cart rides, camel rides and horse rides. We were surprised to see a man walking on a tight rope. After a delicious lunch, we came back to school. I love going to trips like these with my friends.

- Pavan Sethu Raman, grade III

Poetry in Stone – Grade V in Mahabalipuram

February 2, 2018

Our trip to Mahabalipuram was fun. We saw stone sculptures on the walls. We tried pushing the ‘Butterball Rock’, a huge rock which hasn’t moved for many years even after natural disasters. We visited the Durga Temple and a well which are almost 1400 years old. The beautiful Seashore Temple was awesome. It was fun putting our hand inside the Narasimha sculpture to test if we were good. If not, it would bite us ! We returned home after an enjoyable day with our friends.

- Hebe Haashana Senthil and Himani Jain, grade V

Grade II – Vandalur Zoo

January 25, 2018

It was a bright sunny day and we were all excited as we were going to visit the Vandaloor Zoo. In the zoo we got to see chimpanzees, deer, peacocks, bisons, sea birds, otters, emus, black panthers, leopards and many other animals. We were very excited to see crocodiles sleeping with their mouths open. It was fun to see a white tiger also. After our lunch at Sangeetha, we all came back to school.

- Hasini, II Tulsi

First Time Campers – Grade VI in Tada

Jan 19-20, 2018

Our trip to Tada was indeed an exotic one. We travelled there by bus with a sense of adventure and excitement. We stayed in a tent and learnt to get by with minimum luxuries. There were many fun filled activities too like cycling, swimming, and football. We learnt how to pitch tents and cook on an open fire. The amazing bonfire at night was accompanied with mouth watering roasted marshmallows. The team building activities taught us the values of team work and sharing. The nature walk was fun and we experienced the beautiful outdoors to our hearts fill. Sadly, the trip was over all too soon, but our first over-night trip was definitely most enjoyable and memorable.

- Kayal (VI Roja), Bhavna and Smrithi Krishnan (VI Sembaruthi)

Outdoor Adventures – Grade VII in Yelagiri

January 24-26, 2018

The students of grade VII went to Yelagiri for our outbound trip. It was a long ride, but totally worth it, for in the end we had tons of fun. We went trekking, did zip lining and zorbing and also had a campfire. The team building activities improved our leadership and co-ordination skills.  The cottage stay with our friends was comfortable and exciting as we spent a lot of time with our friends. It was an amazing and marvellous trip that created memories that will never fade.

- Mugil, Grade VII

The Mystic Mountains – Grade VIII in Coorg  

January 18-21, 2018

Our much awaited trip to Coorg began with a train journey to Mysore, followed by a bus ride. When we reached our destination, we were filled with awe to see the wonderful campsite nestled away in the hills of Coorg. The trip was a different experience for most of us. The sprawling scenery around us, the stay in tents with our friends and managing on our own added to the fun.  The long, tedious trek up a waterfall and our visit to the Tibetan monastery were the highlights of this trip. The Coorg experience is going to be a life time memory for us.

- Tejas Nageswaran, Grade VIII

Grade VIII – Reaching Beyond

The students of grade VIII went on a tour of Mandagini Seals, a factory in Royapuram. Upon reaching, we were first taken to the biogas plant which converts food waste into methane that can then be used as fuel for cooking. We were also given an insight into its eco- friendly working process which helps to preserve the environment.

We also had an overview of the manufacturing process, unloading bay, storage area, manufacturing machinery, packaging materials and the store where all the finished goods are kept for Quality Control check. We were then given a yoga presentation where we were taught the importance of health and hygiene and the evolution of packaging.  The visit ended with a lunch hosted by them.

The tour, our first to a factory, was an insightful and interesting learning experience.

- Ananya.R, grade VIII

After the factory visit, the students visited “Uthavum Nanbargal”, a home for the destitute as part of the ‘Joy of Giving’. This was an attempt to reach out of society and appreciate the less fortunate.  The orphanage, with around 30 children was small and clean. The children there are given free education till their graduation/marriage. We shared the gifts that we had taken with us. It was one of the most memorable trips ever.

- Kavya Ramesh, grade VIII

Grade X – The Munnar Diaries  

Bags heavy and hearts light, the students of grade X set out on their long awaited excursion to Munnar, Kerala. We stayed at Kalypso camp, Suryanelli  for  3 days, participating in team and character building activities. Going head to head trying to earn points in order to win a special prize at the end, one would expect team hostilities, yet instead all it did was bring us all closer to one another. The activities ranged from using pipes to pocket a marble into a hole to designing, building, and testing a raft fit for 6. We got a chance to stay in Thekkady for one night and experience Kathakali, a traditional dance form and Kalaraipayattu, the skilled martial art form. The next day was just as beautiful, with the group taking a tour of the Periyar National Park. Overall, none of us could have asked for more.

- Aishwarya Mathanan, Grade X

 Grade IX – Lonavala Memoirs  

Our trip kicked off to a wonderful start, as  we boarded the flight to Pune. We took a bus to the campsite, where we were warmly received with hot chocolate. We were introduced to the instructors and campsite rules. We camped in underground dorms, a different experience entirely. We were on our toes all the four days with activities evenly spaced out. We had fun Rappelling, Rock climbing, Trekking, Hiking, Swimming in lakes and Raft building. divided into 4 groups. The overall experience allowed us an opportunity to come out of our comfort zone and make new friends.

-  R Harini,  Grade IX

Grade XI – True Colours of Life

October 9-14, 2017 

This year’s outbound trip for class XI was to Munnar and Thekkady. In Munnar (Suryanelli) we lodged at a campsite called Kalypso. We participated in various activities like minefield, keypunch, bullring and many more. Some of our personal favourites were raft building and the one and half hour trek through the cardamom plantation nearby. The trek was arduous but the view at the end was worth all the effort.

Two days later, we were off to Thekkady. We witnessed an awe inspiring Kathakali performance, where got a glimpse of the different mudras and key movements involved in this art form. The stunning Kalaripayattu demonstration also gave us an opportunity to interact with the performers at the end of the show. We enjoyed the boat safari at the Periyar Tiger Reserve, all the while waiting to see some animals.

- Shruthi Jayaraman, grade XI 

Bake Me a Biscuit – Grade IV

The trip to the Madras Bakery was full of fun and excitement. Though the trip was long, the ride with our friends made up for it. The sweet aroma of biscuits welcomed us into the factory. We first watched a documentary on the making of the confectionaries. We were then taken around to see the processing units and bakery equipments. We saw the bakers mixing the wheat, sugar and oil to give the biscuits the perfect shape. They were then baked and cooled before being packed. The best part was when we got to taste the freshly baked, hot biscuits. The trip inspired us to try making biscuits at home.

- Grade IV students

Right on Track – Junior Campus

The students of the junior campus got an opportunity to visit the rail museum. They got to see the train from both the inside and the outside and get a feel of a literal travel by train.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Grade XII

Students of grade XII went on a trip to Yelagiri a few months before their board exams to relax and rejuvenate.

Supermarket Visit – PP2

Visit to Waitrose Supermarket by students of PP2

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