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In an effort to equip our children to recognize the similarities between faiths and more importantly to respect and deal with the differences between diverse and sometimes conflicting world views, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation has designed the Face to Faith programme. This unique programme is active in several schools around the world and is designed to develop key skills for global citizenship. Children are given the opportunity to interact with peers around the world on topics centred on faith, values and belief systems, both from an individual and cultural perspective. The interaction is facilitated through video conferences and a moderated online community.

Face to Faith Video Conference 2015-16

August 7, 2015 

The students of class VIII who had volunteered to be a part of the video conference, participated in a session with St. Monica’s school in Australia on 7th August. The 60 minute session saw the students exchange notes about their respective communities. The topics ranged from waste management in their schools and neighbourhood, racism and bullying to ceremonies and festivals based on belief systems. Students demonstrated eagerness to understand one another and sought clarifications on customs and practices unfamiliar to them. The dialogue was facilitated by Ms. Prabha Sinha from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Ms. Prabha Sinha interacting with the students of Hari Shree and St. Monica’s

A class VIII student from Hari Shree participating in the discussion

Response from a student at St. Monica’s in Australia

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