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Class VII 

Face to Faith is the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s Global Schools Peace programme and Hari Shree is on its fourth year of working on the project.  This year, the children of Class VII are working on the project as part of their SUPW activity.

The Face to Faith Programme is active in several schools across the world.  This unique programme is designed to develop key skills for global citizenship. Children gain an opportunity to interact directly with peers around the world on topics like faith, belief systems, values and individual or cultural perspectives. The interaction is facilitated through video conferences and a moderated online community.

Face to Faith Video Conferences 2014-15 

September 19th 2014

Students of Class VII Vaiduryam had a video conference with Pakistan and Class VII Vairam students had their session with Ukraine. Our students participated enthusiastically in both the video conferences, they asked their counterparts questions and learnt about their culture and festivals. It was a unique opportunity to interact with children they normally would not get to meet and the experience also encouraged them to reflect on their own culture and traditions.

The video conferences were conducted by Face to Faith facilitators and their reflections are available in the links below. The sessions were of 60 minute duration, edited versions have been uploaded onto the school website.

Facilitator Jo Malone on the VC between CHSV and Kovel City Gymnasium, Ukraine

Facilitator Prabha Sinha on the VC between CHSV and Aquil Bright Kids Academy, Pakistan

 Student reports on class activities: 

 June 2014 

Our first activity was to understand the meaning of our names…we discussed the many factors that make up our identity… Name, Age, School, Country, Hobbies and Beliefs are some of the things that came up… We did the Respect Wheel activity to understand what respect looks like, feels like and sounds like…

July 2014


We are currently building our dialogue skills to participate in a Video Conference with a school in another country. We are also in the process of registering our school with the online Face to Faith learning community. This will help us practice dialogue skills, understand how to communicate effectively using a blog and lay the ground rules for online discussions. We will read, understand and reflect in a safe and moderated forum.

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