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Project – Citizenship Fair 

Hari Shree students visited the street school and felt the need to improve the learning environment of the Eureka street school. The school was in need of sports equipment, reading material, stationery etc. Since it was a rural school there was a need for exposure with peer group from a city school. The people running the Eureka street school briefed Hari Shree about their needs. Our students interacted with the students of Eureka school and identified and listed their needs.

Based on the above interactions Hari Shree students decided to act by raising funds and meet their needs.

Hari Shree students brainstormed many ideas for fund raisers and saw it come through:

  1. Car Wash – The students sacrificed their weekend time to wash cars in the neighbourhood and raised funds
  2. Lemonade and bake sale – Students put up a stall during school events and raised funds
  3. Citizenship Fair – Students from classes VI to X came together on 24th August 2013 as one community to have fun and raise funds. The events for the day included sale of “Art from waste” – made by students; “Kitchen Science” – sale of edibles and home remedies. Students entertained the visitors with a fashion show and debate on Fair Trade practices and presentations on global issues.

The students of Hari Shree were able to raise Rs.55,000/- which they planned on spending for the Eureka street school. As a first leg of the journey the Eureka street school children were invited to Hari Shree during the Joy of Giving week. The children spent a whole day interacting, learning and sharing. They went back with a bag full of goodies and sweet memories. The sports equipments, stationery and reading materials were handed over during this visit. As a next step Hari Shree students will visit the Eureka street school to continue this journey. They will also be actively participating in a Science Fair to be held at Eureka street school.

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