Archives – Crea Shakthi Workshop for Teachers

June 2, 2015

The workshop for teachers by CreaShakthi had two parts – a Communications Workshop conducted by Mr. Vinay and a role play exercise facilitated by Mr. Dushyanth of CreaShakthi.

The session on communication reiterated the many forms and modes of communication; each with its own significance in our interactions at various levels.  Special focus was given to non verbal communication and the general psychology and perception they convey to society. It provided insight into these topics, especially with regard to listening skills and body language.

For the Role Play session, teachers were grouped into small teams and asked to script and dramatize challenges which they had encountered in school. It was interesting how Mr. Dushyanth used this approach to help teachers brainstorm and come up with creative solutions to commonly faced challenges. The session was engaging, thought provoking and entertaining.


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