Archives – CHSV Teachers visit Blackfen School

May 18-22, 2015

As part of the Connecting Classrooms initiative of the British Council, Ms. Sarayu Ganesan and Ms. Bharathi Parameswaran of our school visited Blackfen School in the U.K. from 18th May to 22nd May. This visit was facilitated by the reciprocal visit grant received by the school. Blackfen and CHSV have a long standing association; 8 teachers from our school have visited Blackfen so far.

The most recent visit by our teachers proved to be yet another learning experience for both schools, opening minds to respective cultures, traditions and lifestyles. This is what our teachers had to say, “The hospitality shown by the teachers and parents of Blackfen made this experience memorable for us. We were especially touched when a visually challenged student at Blackfen school took us on a tour of their facilities. ”

High Tea with the hosts, Ms. Lola Blatch and Ms. Amy Mann

History session by Ms.Bharathi

Ms.Sarayu takes a class on India and its culture

Attending a drama session in Blackfen

Blackfen section for children with special needs

Ms. Bharathi teaches the students Indian dance

‘Drape a Sari’ session

Teaching Warli Art

Working on the intricacies of a ‘Kolam’

International Fair at Blackfen

Fire Drill in school

A Food and Technology class in progress

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