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February 10, 2016  

Hari Shree Vidyalayam celebrated its 12th Annual Sports Day on 10th February at the Nehru Stadium in Egmore. The day dawned bright and sunny on a stadium full of budding athletes, brimming with energy and excitement.  Students were dressed in the vibrant house colours of their sports uniform – Orange for Agni, Blue for Akash, Green for Prithvi and White for Vayu.

The Chief Guest for the Sports Day was Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi, renowned sports medicine consultant. The proceedings for the day started with a prayer and the March Past, a synchronized display of marching by the four contingents, representing Agni, Akash, Prithvi and Vayu. Star athletes of the school, bearing the torch, lit the sports meet flame and the chief guest declared the meet open.  Dr. Pugazhendi gave an inspiring speech to the gathering outlining the importance of sport in our lives. He spoke about the 5 D’s of life – Devotion, Dedication, Discipline, Determination and Distinction. The Vice Principal Ms. Vijaya Dhayakar urged the students to compete in true sportsman spirit.

Class V students, led by their Yoga Acharya, put up a well co-ordinated yoga demo displaying flexibility, focus, balance and posture. The Surya Namskar was the highlight of their demo. This was followed by a Karate demo by our students Mahendra and Dhruv.  The stage was now set for the sporting events of the day which included track and field events, shot put and long jump. Amidst hearty cheering by the houses and encouraged by their Acharyas, PT Masters and parents, the students keenly contested in the various competitions and displayed admirable sporting spirit.

Starting the event with a prayer song

The Sports Captains and Student Heads lead the Chief Guest

Hoisting and Saluting the Flag

Agni House contingent

Akash House contingent

Prithvi House contingent

Vayu House contingent

Vice Principal Ms. Vijaya Dhayakar with the Chief Guest Mr. Kannan Pugazhendi

Assembly of the Houses

Oath taking ceremony

The meet torch makes way

Chief guest addresses the gathering

Yoga Demonstration – Surya Namaskar

Yoga Demonstration

Karate Demonstration

Track and Field Event – Boys

Track and Field Event – Girls

Shot Put Event

Long Jump Event

Passing the baton during the relay event

Parents Track and Field Event

Prize Distribution Ceremony

Victors on the podium

Delighted students with their medals and certificates

A group of students volunteered to be the ‘Litter Patrol’ for the day. They went around collecting litter- juice bottles, paper plates etc. and ensured that they were properly disposed. Due to their note worthy effort, the Hari Shree community did not contribute to any litter in the Nehru stadium premises.

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