Annual Sports Day 2014

CHSV Sports Day 24th August 2014-15

The Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam Annual Sports Day was organized at the Nehru Stadium on 24th August 2014. Our students participated in competitive sporting events, witnessed solemn sporting traditions and of course had a fun filled day.

Every sports day the physical education department has tried to raise its standards and this year it was a step up with the amazing atmosphere of our School children running on a synthetic surface and more importantly having the event at a National Arena Jawaharlal Nehru Athletic stadium SDAT Chennai Central.

Sports day started off with a synchronized march past in which our elite athletes took part in and for the first time the meet torch was introduced and was carried by our outstanding athletes in various respects who have performed exceedingly well through this academic year, this was followed by various demonstrations of synchronization, precision, rhythm and strength were performed by our school children with aerobics, yoga and silambattam.

We were proud to have a National Equestrian in Miss Reya Mecca (Currently doing her MBBS at SRM) who obliged us with her presence as the chief guest for the Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam Sports Meet 2014. She inspired us with her words of wisdom on not giving up and how discipline is the stairway to success.

Introduction of new events is a feature that we have every year to increase awareness and raise our standard of performance to the level that is required outside of Sports Day, this year the introduction of 400 mts & 800 mts for (IX-Xth & XI-XII boys) and 400 mts & 600 mts (IX-Xth & XI-XIIth Girls). These events created a platform for our long distances runners to shine.

Parent involvement is something that we encourage and in light of that we conducted a 100 mts dash for the Mothers and Fathers which proved very competitive, some of the parents still had it in them!!! . We also had a teachers race which was entertaining and more humorous.

The prizes were distributed by our chief guest and our principal, we had our individual championships bagged by the fastest and finest athletes of our school.

PRITHVI house won the overall championship after scoring the highest points.

The following students emerged as Individual Champions … Congratulations!

Class Boys Girls
VI Sharvadharshi K Keerthana G
VII & VIII Dhanush Vigneshwar A Pavithraa Venkatasubramanian
IX & X Chiranjeev Ravichandran Dhwani Viswanath
XI & XII Rahul Chandrashekar Sangamithra Goutham

Prithvi House continued its winning streak from last year and won the Overall Championship yet again. 

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