Annual Day Celebrations

April 3-5, 2018

One World One Family. Compassion For All – The grade II programmes revolved around this theme. This was conveyed through verses on compassion from the Bhagavad Gita, the invocation dance and a dance performance set to the rhythm of Africa, China and Spain. Using the animal kingdom and nature as the backdrop, the concept of kindness was also portrayed through plays. The grand finale of the event was a sing-along song ‘Namaste! We are the children of the Earth, together we can make a change’.

Love and Peace is integral to our lives and happiness. This was brought out by the students of grade III through dance, music and theatre. Music included the famous ‘Maithreem Bhajatha’ and melodious and foot tapping numbers in English and Hindi. Serenity, Joy, Happiness and Peace took turns to fill the atmosphere during the dance performances, ranging from classical to fusion to western.  Theatre conveyed the theme through spirited performances and thoughtful scripts during both compering and drama.

Every time you laugh, a little bit of your stress flies out the window. You can laugh at something.  You can laugh with someone and more importantly, you can laugh away your  worries. It’s about the ability to laugh at yourself and your situation. ‘Humour’- the theme of grade IV was brought out by an English skit, ‘A House in Kumuli’ which was a story about a ghost with memory loss, followed by a dance where the children dressed as Charlie Chaplin, imitating his actions. The Tamil skit ‘Obamavum Vathakuzhambum’ highlighted the values of our culture. The children also displayed their skills with ribbons, hoola hoops, pompoms and acrobatics during the Carnival Dance.

Shikshaa – Learning – A Different Perspective. All the grade V performances were in line with the theme – learning happens from everywhere, every experience and everyone. The songs conveyed that learning happens not only from teachers but also from mistakes. The different forms of Dances – Classical, Tribal and Western and the grand finale displayed cross cultural learning. The Drama reinforced the theme that any kind of learning is possible through practicing patience and being persistent.

‘Samrakshanam – Care, Connect and Conserve. Let’s nurture nature, so that we can have a  better future.’ The grade VI students conveyed this in the form of music, dance, mime and    theatre. The highlight was the drama where ‘Compost Raja’ won the battle against ‘Plastic Raja’ with the support of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The whole theme was brought as a solution to the problems faced by aliens who visit Earth from a messy planet in search of solutions.

Individually we are a drop. Together we are an Ocean. The theme of grade VII was ‘Water- the Elixir of Life.’ Children started off the show with the Ganga sthotram to invoke the blessings of God. They depicted the importance of water, a necessary resource for life, used from brushing to flushing, through street play, drama, music and dance. The children transported the audience to a world of tranquility through the sounds of waves and the flow of rivers.

The grade VIII show unfolded around the theme ‘Sadbhava – Co-existence’, through various performing arts. Each form of Art was deeply woven around the theme and brought out the idea of looking at co-existence as a way of harmonious living. There is no existence without co-existence. So let’s share our similarities, celebrate our differences and co-exist.

Samyuktham – A Mélange of Arts! Though we are from different cultures and speak different languages, we are all one. This theme was presented by the students of grade IX through a fusion of different forms of dance like the Kathak, Odissi and Bhratanatyam. The street play, skit and music further reiterated the idea.

Your mission in life is not just to survive but to thrive,

To make an addition to feel, understand, act and strive.

If everyone’s ambition is entitlement, itself an aberration,

Then who is to commission transformation?

The desire to do good for others

The ability to feel the thought and attitude of another

To show a disposition of forbearance

To do a generous act toward the disfavoured.

 - Sadayaa – a grade XI presentation on Compassion

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