Dr. Gayathri Deepak
School Advisor








Dr. Gayathri Deepak is an educationist deeply committed to best practices in education. Her doctoral research in the field of Human Development was in the area of Curriculum and Cognitive Development, for which her thesis won critical acclaim from Indian as well as foreign examiners. She has worked in various roles including researcher, college lecturer, teacher, teacher trainer, academic advisor and whole school leader. As part of the work she engages in currently as Director of Sri Chetana, she functions as an Educational Consultant and Advisor to schools.

She has worked with CIE International Curriculum for more than 15 years and is a consultant for schools with other curricula too. As a whole school leader,sheworked in a highly reputed international school in the Middle East, which is a CIE Centre offering the Cambridge International Programs from Years 1 to 13, a member school of CIS and is also accredited by NCA (formerly CITA, now Advanc-Ed). She chaired the committees for the CITA/NCA and CIS Self-Studies done by the school. Students of this school secured world ranking, not to mention national level and Province level rankings, in IGCSE and A level exams, during her tenure.Her work in the international context has enabled herto reach out to teachers from more than 20 nationalities and students and parentsfrom over 30 nationalities, including people from the Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Far East, Europe, USA, Australia and Africa.In her role as school leader, both in India and abroad, she has always been deeply passionate about professional development of the team of educators and has personally delivered workshops and training programmes, apart from motivating her team members to explore and enrol for professional development opportunities offered by reputed external bodies. In her work as an Academic Advisor for reputed schools in Chennai, among many other responsibilities, shetrains teachers, revamps the school’s teaching, learning and assessment techniques, develops lesson plan formats, reviews lesson plans, works with teams to build the school curriculum, develops policy documents for the school and teachers, redesigns organisational structure, designs detailed job descriptions, and interviews candidates for teaching and leadership positions.

Having worked and lived for more than a decade in a society which was truly international in structure and character, her belief in Internationalism were strengthened. She believes that the way forward to prepare students to face the many existing and unknown challenges of the 21st century lies in enabling a revival of liberal education and enabling collaboration, through which children and youth truly come to understand other cultures, religions, and nations, cherish diversity and not merely “tolerate” it. She is passionate about empowering educators to become reflective practitioners and empowering children, adolescents and young adults to realize their true potential and blossom into responsible, caring, empathetic individuals. Gayathri is committed to spreading the message of liberal education and enabling educational institutions and educators to foster social, emotional and ecological intelligences and creativity, and build the skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking in students. Gayathri has recently extended her work to educate parents in some pedagogical practices. As an educationist and a spiritual person, she believes in oneness and the universality of consciousness and has launched a program titled Chetanasri, which enables one to look within to unleash one’s true potential.

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