Archvies – A Green Diwali

We all love the luminous festival of Diwali! However over a period of time, the celebration of Diwali has been causing a lot of concern with regard to noise and air pollution.

So, we decided to highlight the importance of celebrating a ‘Green Diwali’. The reception area and class rooms were decorated with a beautiful rangoli and diyas. The students also created awareness by conveying the message that Diwali is a festival of ‘lights’ and not of ‘noise’. We also took an oath to celebrate a Green Diwali with a signature campaign. Inter house events were also held based on the theme of Green Diwali.

- Shreeya Subramanian, Grade VIII  


The debate conducted by the Department of Tamil had the boys and girls deliberate on Green Diwali. While the boys team was for a Green Diwali, the girls seemed to think otherwise. The spirited debate was an eye opener to the current state of our earth and the need to protect our environment by reducing the amount of pollution, while staying connected with our tradition and our roots.



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