Namaste. A warm welcome to our annual celebration of achievement. This presentation is more of a review than a report.

My greatest challenge over the past few weeks has been to condense a thirty six page factual compilation into an engaging and effective essay. In this narration we will, with pride, accept credit for all those we have succeeded in; admit to those that reflect scope for improvement; acknowledge the efforts of all those who have contributed, one way or other.

The essence of this essay is to develop a sense of perspective and explore the impact we have made through various endevorus. Understanding the impact is essential to enable us to design the way ahead, in tandem with the vision and mission of our Director Smt. Geetha Muthiah .

“Educate individuals to become passionate responsible global citizens; who contribute towards a sustainable planet” is the emerging vision at Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam. In order to realise this vision, the institution is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to engage our children in projects and programs that will bring about this evolution.ISA is one such endeavour. Having experienced the wealth of learning it brought to the school community in 2011, CHSV took it up once again to enrich our learning environment. Bearing in mind CHSV’s mission to inspire in all students

  • a lifelong love for learning     
  • develop integrity and compassion
  • the courage to act on one’s beliefs,

we finalised on the 8 project themes – Topics that are diverse in nature but common in that they are intended to sensitise the children to global issues and challenges around them as well as groom them to be the agents of change.ISA has proved to be a conducive and valuable platform for integrating the 20 global issues, 21stcentury skills and outlooks into the curriculum across all grade levels and subjects. The projects have also brought together students, teachers and the parent community together in this collaborative learning journey. Through this initiative, we have strengthened our existing links with Blackfen School For Girls, UK and established new ties with Realschule Broich, Germany and the Canadian International School, Singapore. ISA has offered further scope for connecting with the international community. AIESEC, ……. brought 9 visiting interns from different countries to spend a week at Hari Shree to collaborate extensively on the ISA projects. The teaching community too has gained immensely from this exposure as evident in the wide repertoire of creative and innovative teaching methods employed to transact the various curriculum based international activities. The International School Award (ISA) has thus paved the way for school collaboration internationally to enrich education through international work and provided a framework for benchmarking best practice and sharing professional development in teaching and learning.

Under the able guidance of Mrs. Pushpa Gopal and the passionate involvement of Ms. Jeba Andrew and Ms.Padma RaviShankar, who led the team in planning and executing the project, we have been able to reinforce the global citizenship framework. We thank the British Council for this immensely rewarding opportunity to experience global citizenship. We are certain to continue with the extension of our global network and maintain international ethos of the institution

  • engage young people in both the global economy and global citizenship and develop their skills for life and work
  • support whole-school projects that contribute towards school improvement

To further sustain our momentum in promoting the international dimension to the teaching – learning process, through the British council Connecting Classroom program, we took on yet one more collaborative project with Blackfen School for Girls, UK, our global partners since 2010

Together the schools have been exploring the impact of social and mass media in shaping language as a tool for communication while enabling the students to understand the outlook of children towards language and society, how they remain   connected to their culture, how the students from the two nations are able to maintain their individuality and identity despite the interference of technology in the way they think and speak. Another important agenda has been the focus on how and why Human Rights is an issue of great concern the world over.

The  week long visit by Ms. Lola Blatch and Ms. Mann from Blackfen in March, entailed learning in many forms, both for the visiting teachers and us .This year, the partnership is being  managed by Ms. Bharathy Parameswaran and Ms. Sarayu Ganesan. Both of them are in agreement that the project has been effective in meeting its instructional objectives vis-a-vis to develop in our children the value of empathy and the skills of critical thinking and effective communication.  Our teacher will be spending a week at Blackfen School for Girls in May. The reciprocal visits facilitate an insight into the teaching of English and Social Sciences in the respective institutions and the sharing has been multi dimensional as it encompasses curriculum planning, teaching methodologies, classroom strategies, culture & tradition and more. Bharathy and Sarayu we wish you all the best on your trip and in concluding this project successfully.

To develop a value for values is also the underlying motive that spurred us on to take up the unique value based curriculum by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation. tGELFis an initiative of The Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation whose vision is to nurture young ethical leaders who  will be future agents of change. The program empowers the students with:

  • Leadership skills
  • Spirit of contribution
  • Positive approach to decision making
  • Ethics, values and integrity
  • Quest and zeal for excellence
  • Desire to become lifelong learners.

Exchange programs for culture, art, heritage, adventu?? 

Hari Shree has incorporated tGELF’s LSL – a long term leadership intervention in middle and high school focussing on embedding a culture of ethical leadership. The experiential program has a unique value based curriculum which helps create a global mindset amongst young students. The curriculum which focuses on 8 constructs, has been developed by a team of experts. Four of our teachers have been specially trained to deliver the lessons. tGELF has also been supportive in providing continuous personal and professional development through collaborative learning and sharing of best practices. 

Through this program Classes 8 and 9 have been engaged in initiatives that promote sensitization to social issues and appreciation of agents of change. The curriculum also encourages young minds to develop self-awareness as they mould themselves as contributors to the community.

Under the supervision of Ms Jasmine Nizar, the teacher -in-charge, the children conducted a fair for a cause to raise funds for the Kashmir flood relief mission. With your support the children raised a whopping 67,000 rupees. This elaborate experiential activity has been a platform for the children to learn skills of building and functioning as a team,  effective communication, critical and creative thinking and conflict resolution while developing an attitude of caring.

To give back to society is also the purpose of the CHSV Interact Club. The members have had an eventful year with several learning opportunities to learn and hone their skills to coordinate, organize, lead, motivate and make decisions. Many of the activities gave them the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and most importantly, the underlying objective was ensuring that they gave back to society.

  • Managing a Pick and Pay stationery shop gave a brief sampling of procurement, inventory management, replenishment and accounting. The stalls were unmanned and it was an exercise to experience and encourage responsibility, honesty and integrity.
  • Running a lemonade stall during break time gave student members an opportunity to understand requirements, make plans and deliver accordingly. Organic Farm product sales which commenced recently, once again offers the students a hands on experience in conducting a business, responsibly and ethically. It is also promoting an awareness of organic produce and an exposure to some of challenges faced by the farming community. Efforts are being made to hone their business entrepreneurship skills through Rotary Youth Leadership Programmes. Workshops will be conducted for the members in the month of April.
  • The visit to Vishranthi, a home for the aged was an experience in planning and organizing, coordinating with the authorities planning a cultural program and managing the budget. Entertaining the inmates and interacting with them was a moving experience for the students and in their own words “we walked away from this experience feeling very satisfied and grateful”
  • Interact Club students played a supporting role in organizing the school clean up drive our neighbourhood our pride. It involved motivating younger students, understanding the issues and challenges, collecting suggestions and solutions for the problem, discussions on feasibility of solutions, drawing up a plan of action and supporting the execution. Through the process, students got to experience the various attributes of ‘design thinking’, a when looking for creative and practical resolution to problems – in this case cleaning the area around the school campus and working to sustain it.
  • The Interact Club initiated a Book Collection Drive in an effort to collect text books and unused notebooks for the lesser privileged students of Siragu Montessori. A visit to Siragu is on the pipeline to facilitate interaction between the students of the two schools.
  • One ambitious plan that is taking shape for next Year is the Manning of a School Tuck Shop – Armed with the experiences of this year and leadership and entrepreneurship skills learnt at the workshop, students will get the opportunity to put these into practice by managing a tuck store in the school premises. It will involve a greater understanding of procurement, inventory management, replenishment of supplies and decision making. The challenges will be of a higher order and so will the learning. An exciting initiative to look forward to.
  1. In this discussion of student initiatives and emerging leadership, the Interschool Culturals “The Vizha  gains prominence.

We hosted our first Annual Inter school culturals in August. Around 40 Schools were invited for this mega event. There was a great deal of planning over two months. The plans by the student council, guided by Ms.Shobana Balaji, Ms. Sarayu Ganesan and Ms. Chitra Mohankumar were elaborate and meticulous.  However, the timing of the event was not in our favour. Nevertheless, the grandeur of the event was intact. Even if it was just 3 participating schools we managed to make an impact. We are proud of the zeal and efforts of the entire team, especially of the out going head boy Siddarth and head girl Shree. I am sure all those involved would agree the entire experience proved worthwhile. Work is already underway for the next vizha in july.

Another first this year, was the inter house sports competition. This too by the student council. Led by the school sports captain and sports vice captain, 70 students from the four sports houses battled it out in Football, Badminton, Basketball, Kabadi and Table Tennis. The rolling trophy went to Vayu house for its collective sportsmanship

The first Interschool CHSVMUN in November was also an encouraging sign that our children are capable of proving themselves when an opportunity comes along.

Held over two days, the conference was attended by a total of 100 delegates from 10 schools. The delegates representing various nations came together to discuss pertinent global issues in 7 committees.  The conference was largely the result of the initiative and ownership of a group of 50 students from classes 9, 10 & 11. General Secretary Sharan Srinivasan and the Deputy General Secretary Radhika Nair led the  team that surpassed every challenge under the impeccable perfection and admirable contribution of RakshithaArun, the Director General of the MUN, Aditi Balaji, the second in command to the Director General , Manisha Katariya, the Technical Expert, Ananya Shankar, the Editor of the MUN Newsletter, Vishnu Thirumalai, the Deputy Editor and a whole battalion of diligent students who were all set to make the event a grand success at any cost. We take immense pride in the achievement and applaud their effort. The conference witnessed the passing of some highly impressive resolutions.

Being the very first inter-school MUN, the team wanted to rope in experienced Chairs and Co-Chairs from other schools in Chennai. AkshaySivakumar, an experienced Munner, stood as a strong moral support guiding the Executive Board.

The event went a long way training the children on various factors such as diplomacy, professionalism, communication, public speaking, leadership, reporting, team building, and updating on world issues besides event management.

It came up as a wonderful opportunity to many of them to explore and realize their own hidden talents.

The best skill that each of them invariably imbibed was problem solving and dealing with crisis situations calmly.

The confidence developed through working towards the event was immense and everybody who witnessed them working appreciated spontaneously. Students who participated as delegates in the conference were able to understand the intricacies of the MUN procedure and could explore several aspects of global issues, researching on the latest updates.


Participation in the MUN has impacted the way the children perceive problems faced by the various nations. They were educated  on a multitude  of seemingly trivial and truly overwhelming challenges faced by the world, and the need for taking effective steps by leaders in resolving them in the best ways possible. The discussions that went on in the conference based on the selected agendas threw light on how significant it is to understand the problems of other nations in depth, so as to avoid similar situations arising in our own land.

It was a realisation to students and teachers alike,  we are vulnerable to the same problems that plague any individual or nation beyond our boundaries.

The sports arena is so much a simulation of life and an ideal space for one to learn the numerous skills and values that equips and empowers you for life. The physical education department has been working with the sole intent of making Physical Education more than what it often trickles down to. Having created a culture of sport in the past year the focus for this session was on fine tuning the foundation and fundamentals for every sport.

The impact on the children has been very evident through the amount of participation we have had this year.The team has been constantly looking out for opportunities for our children to learn something new or learn it newly and to prove their mettle on competitive platforms.

2 athletic tournaments

4 football tournaments

5 major Cricket tournaments and

1 international selection with FC METZ

Introduction of a professional badminton coach 

Sports company Football + brought in   four delegates from the North Coast Calvary Chapel. Their expertise being training students for character & personality development through special activities, games & lectures. They dealt with most of the common issues that prevail amongst teenagers with the aim of helping them “find the real joy in living a good quality life with absolute character”. Issues covered were Self image Identity and accepting. the self.  

  1.  The sports Company Football + also brought in County Cricket coach Nick Ferraby was to coach our Junior Team before their all India tournament. The team trained under him for 3 weeks honing their skills and level of competitiveness. Through his varied style of coaching he also proved to be a mentor for our Coach Mr. Senthil.
  2. PE impact (teachers perspective) - The past year has been a roller coaster as a PE educator. We have strived to achieve higher than our original intended goals.. This took a lot of time, effort and tireless hours of planning and preparing our modus operandi. After having it has not been simple but it has been encouraging to see a new breed of hari shreeians.
  3. the FC METZ – Selection entails  a 2 month trial in France or Germany. If the player proves his potential as a Professional he is given the opportunity to stay on at the club for 3 years and will also be provided a formal education in an IB school. we are proud to share Rahul C – from standard 12 will be attending a 2 month trial in Germany with DFI , certainly a dream for  most Indian players , playing along with big names in the sport and getting trained in  a structured curriculum if selected.He is one out of the 50 boys to have made it to the selection. Congratulations Rahul. We thank Football+ for this opportunity.
    Our goal is to inspire our children to persue excellence and to work towards providing  such opportunities

Under the auspices of Goethe Institute, I had the privilege of visiting Germany, in November, to understand Higher Education opportunities for our students in Germany. The visit to DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service which is a joint institution of the German institutes of higher education and student bodies that supports them in cultivating international relations, threw light on foreign students in the country, the plethora of courses which would be of interest to us and the various support systems in India and Germany that hand holds those who aspire to take up courses in German institutions.

An interaction with the representatives from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & energy focussed on ‘Make it in Germany’ – a program initiated to welcome qualified workers and experts to Germany to cover their needs for highly skilled workers.

A tour of the  University of Cologne , a meeting with Indian students from the Association of Indian Students in Aachen (AISA) to understand their expectations, experiences, and perspectives, presentation by  Goethe Universitat Frankfurt am Main on the Preparatory Programs offered by the college to promote study of German abroad and programs to encourage international exchange, discussion on the overview over the  activities of Goethe Institut Frankfurt, Frankfurt branch of Germany’s worldwide cultural institution were some of the other highlights on this trip.

It is indeed a promising scenario for our children who may wish to explore pursuing college education in Germany and making it their home eventually.

Global Teacher Accreditation (GTA) is a unique opportunity to gain recognition for high-quality professional practice, grounded in peer development and reflection for serving teachers undertaking development activities. The British Council and Cambridge Education Foundation, work together to deliver the GTA programme, funded by the UKAid, to promote a global dimension in the school curriculum through the development of innovative, equitable and sustainable school partnerships.

CHSV teachers have been actively engaged in GTA since 2013 as it builds on their learning in the classroom, their knowledge of how students learn, and the impact of their partnership work. The teachers work on action research projects through six months based on guidelines given by Cambridge facilitators. Participant teachers are provided local mentors and training on the process and framework of working on Action Research. 

Teacher applicants for the year:

1. Ms. Shobana Balaji , Team Leader, Math Department,

Worked on “Digital Innovations in the Classroom” to explore the How Blended Learning will enable delivery of Differentiated Instructions in Mathematics for Grade 10 students” 

Blended Learning is an education program where the student learns in part through online delivery of content and in part in a classroom (“brick and mortar”) setting. Differentiated Instructions is a teaching methodology where students with different learning abilities are given opportunities to learn at their own pace. In her Action Research, she used the “Flipped Class room” model of Blended Learning where students learn the content online through videos, related links, worksheets etc., and come prepared for the class the following day to complete the numericals and proofs on the same topic. This personalised teaching/learning was intended to help them become independent learners, responsible for their own learning. It will also cater to visual and auditory learners. Feedback from parents and students indicate that the “flipped classroom” has had a positive impact in creating a personalised learning environment based on each students learning style and needs.

Shobana B

“The action research project was in implementing technology to aid differentiated learning/teaching. This research involved a lot of work on selecting appropriate technology (selection of softwares) for successful implementation of the flipped classroom. I had to do a lot of research – this made me read a lot of teaching practices followed around the globe. This was in addition to the research i did on use of education software used world wide by high school teachers. I also did an online course on conducting a flipped classroom – all these learnings have helped me keep in touch with the latest teaching methodologies practised world wide and i have also shared this learning with my peers at my school and other group school.” 

2. Ms.Rajalakshmi  – Math teacher for classes  6,7,8

Her project was to optimise teaching by understanding the hindering variables between teaching and. learning. Her topic “Dispelling misconceptions in integers to maximise learning in class 6” looked at the causes of misconceptions in this topic and to enable the students to come up with individual learning strategies as part of her endeavor to adopt a student centric approach to learning.

Rajalakshmi :

“I learnt how important it is to identify and cater to different learning; if the facilitator has a well­planned session taking every minute and every learner into account, the level of enthusiasm in the class would be high and intervention arising from behavioural and learning issues, comparatively less. Approaching a concept in various ways as a mathematics provides room for flexible learning, to find innovative or indigenous solutions to intellectual problems and also develops appreciation of indigenous solutions amongst the learners.”

3. Ms. Sivagamasundari ‘s aim as a Math teacher  for Classes 8,9 was to help students overcome their fear of abstract algebraic concepts and retain algebraic identities with ease.  Understanding the logic behind algebraic concepts and relating it to geometry aids recollection. Students were encouraged to use website links in the form of games and work sheets to internalise concepts.

Class room activities include videos for the visual learner, hands-on activity for the kinaesthetic learner and interactive smart board lessons for both types of learners.


“I have understood the need to handle and reach out to students with different learning styles.

Gained ideas on different strategies followed across the globe.

I understood the significance of student and peer feedback in everyday teaching

This gave me confidence in trying out new strategies.”

4. Ms.Viji Arunkumar– Social Studies teacher Class 4,5

The CHSV Social Studies curriculum under Anveshna focuses on earner based instruction. With this as the primary objective, Ms.Viji’s Action Research aims at using technology as a VAK tool to enhance interest in Social Studies at the upper primary level.


  • “realization that there is always room to grow – as I reflect on my classes, I get new insights and continue to develop both my theory of teaching and learning as well as my repertoire of teaching skills and strategies.
  • The use of learner-centered technology in the classroom has helped me build effective bridges between the course content and student thinking and learning.
  • I can see a shift in my role as a teacher to more of a facilitator as technology transforms teaching into both an intellectual exercise as well as a social activity
  • The students’ perception of the subject underwent a sea change

I have been sharing my experiences with my colleagues and most of them have showed keen interest in replicating (and moving further) the use and integration of technology tools in the classroom for the different subjects that they teach”

I too have been a part of this program and have had the privilege of mentoring principals and team leaders of three other schools in Chennai and a school in Madurai. Needless to say, it has been a rewarding learning journey for me in my role as a trainer.

OUR CHILDREN took centre stage, literally, on Theatre Night. This venture was in collaboration with Crea-Sakthi.

Stagecraft - HSV’s theatre group, initiated in association with Creashakthi, our theatre facilitators, made its debut on January 26th with Theatre Night 2015. Featuring a collage of plays performed to the school community and the public, the event marked yet another milestone in the school’s growth as it provided an opportunity for the theatre enthusiasts from Grade X & XI of HSV to showcase their talent alongside professional actors from Creashakthi.

The Nation Wants to Know and Break A Leg (A high School Musical) awed audience in a back to back show. The latter scripted by Saindhavi Venugopal was musically supported by Vaishnavi Mohan.

Integrating theatre into daily education has been one of the most rewarding experiences for both student and teacher as much as it has been for the facilitators from Crea-Shakthi. The students, pleasantly surprised us all, with the amount of maturity and growth the students have shown to step up to any challenge that has been thrown at them with respect to this craft.

The inclusive form of devising performances was used this year quite extensively allowing for students to give life to their ideas to take them to stage. The classroom environment was transformed into a very open interactive session with a lot of theory and activity based techniques facilitated allowing students to break free from the usual. With reference to the Break A Leg Production which was part of the SUPW project for Grade X , the stipulated goals not only materialized but also evolved with the progress of project. The exercise was successful in not only refining the students’ acting, writing and musical talents but also helped them evolve as individuals. Both the facilitator and teacher shared the feeling that the intangible outcomes transcended the expected ones. It was this experience that was the most gratifying. The enterprise and collective responsibility displayed by the team and their efforts to balance between the demands of the Grade X academics was gratifying.  While the team developed on theatre and soft skills, they also contributed their time and talents towards a social cause. In keeping with the SUPW project goal, the income incurred from ticket sales has been dedicated to a charitable cause

The afterschool activity too was well appreciate with students scoring high on their Trinity Grade examinations and also a performance at the prestigious Music Academy with plays they had devised.


“The highlights of the year were several students who were initially very silent and extremely closed to interactive sessions transforming into very confident young individuals. Breaking the mental blocks towards syllabus was another milestone in the program of having textbook stories provided to students in an theatre format thereby allowing them to appreciate the text.

The detailing in the script in terms of characters and the ease with which the actors essayed their roles shows a lot of talent coming to the fore and also being honed on a professional level. “

Break A Leg script writer, Saindhavi Venugopal class XI

“I felt like I had really accomplished something like never before! As for acting in the play, it was unexpected, no doubt, but one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had, as we had the privilege of sharing the stage with artists from Creashakthi as well. It was my first venture into the world of theatre professionally, and I know I’ll definitely be back for more!

Going forward, we endeavor to host many more Theatre Nights at periodic intervals. These performances will be natural extensions of the work done by the children at school. We thank Creashakthi for their immense support and look forward to many more years of working with them.”

Our efforts to support Career guidance and counselling for class XI & XII saw the following sessions in full swing:

A session with student interns from AIESEC

Student interns from AIESEC, the world’s largest global youth network, were in the school campus and our students had the opportunity to interact with them and get information about popular career choices in their countries.

BITS Hyderabad students, January 

Ten students from BITS Hyderabad campus pursuing various streams of engineering, addressed the students of class 10 and 11 on the courses offered by BITS. They spoke about the BITS SAT examination besides briefing the students on time management, the prospect each stream of engineering has to offer and life at the BITS campus.

The British Council at CHSV

August 19, 2014

Representatives from the British Council and other representatives from various British universities. Some of the universities present were the University of East Anglia, Northumbria University, Plymouth University, and the University of Exeter.

Career options in the Indian Army – session by Major Suresh Babu

August 7, 2014

Career Guidance session with members of the Australian Consulate

June 27, 2014


Class VI- Community Project / SUPW (2014 – 15)

Socially useful productive work that forms an integral part of learning in Hsv is the basis for the community projects across all grades. The skills to be imparted and the perception change aimed for  are the bedrock on which the projects rest.

  • The Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam Clean Up Drive

‘Our Neighbourhood Our Pride’ – Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam’s Cleanliness initiative was held on recently by Class V students of the school who have been working on this event as part of their Socially Useful Productive Work project. Students and volunteers from the 3 Chettinad Group schools in the neighbourhood – Hari Shree Vidyalayam, Raja Muthiah School and Sigappi Primary School, members of the Rotary Club, parents, teachers and members of the neighbourhood participated in this mission to clean the surroundings and also spread awareness on the importance of a hygienic environment. Our ambition is to ensure the sustainability of this initiative. Support from the school Interact Club, the Rotary Club of Madras Temple City and CMSW Ramky Groups have added strength to our campaign. We have a long journey ahead, but it is definitely one that has begun today in right earnest. We thank you for being a part of this drive. A special mention here of those who turned up to paint the beautiful illustrations on the compound wall, a herculean task undertaken by Art teachers , Ms. Alamu and Ms. Sai Divya. The management’s support in transforming the bland walls to vivid captivating ones has been unwavering. There are plans to add life and colour to the wall facing Krishnamachari yoga mandiram. We are hoping they will materialise soon.

Another special mention is the efforts of Class 6 to reach out to Siggapi Primary School children. Through their “Sports for All” undertaking. 

Skills to be imbibed included problem solving, decision making, collaboration, critical thinking and so on to mention a few. Through this outreach program, managed by Ms. Bhama ……the children developed empathy, a Positive sense of identity, Desire to make a difference, Commitment to rights and responsibilities, Commitment to sustainability, just to mention a few. It is indeed our pleasure to share with you ‘Sports For All’ was shortlisted among the Best 100 Design For Change stories at the National level ‘Design For Change School Challenge 2014’ from over 2000 stories, based on rigorous evaluation by some of the best design minds in the world. The ‘Sports for All’ story received high praise for nurturing empathy, cultivating optimism and building collaborative spirit. The school was represented at the ‘I CAN’ Awards on Nov 22, 2014 held at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) in Ahmedabad. The project is still ongoing with Siggapii primary school children spending their play time at Hsv with our students.

Under the guidance of Ms. Yoshida Menon and Ms. Rajalakshmy

Face to Faith, a, school programme initiated by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation is designed to facilitate the understanding of cultural and religious perspectives, different from one’s own. This knowledge is imperative if students are to resist extremist voices in an increasingly globalized world.

The video conferences with schools in Pakistan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Delhi and Dwaraka were facilitated by specialists at Face to Faith.

Classroom activities Explored the nature of identity and respect, understand the influences which shape our opinions, make judgements about information on the internet, peace as conveyed by different religions, Skills for respectful dialogue, impact of globalization, stories of compassion. Students formed groups and staged plays in their learning to become proactive and engaged global citizens.

What went well

The Teachers’ felt that the Interactive nature of the project encouraged students to express their opinions freely, classroom discussions were lively and relevant. The VC’s gave students exposure to other cultures and the realization that they can relate to and connect with students in different parts of the world.

The Students’ perspective Video conferences were a great experience’, ‘. I Realized that students from Pakistan were very nice’, ‘Changed my opinion on Pakistanis’, ‘Now I appreciate Christians and Muslims too’, ‘Learnt that there are many more religious beliefs than I had thought’, ‘I feel more confident in talking during a VC’, ‘Enjoyed the globalization discussions’, ‘We are all connected’, ‘Would like more SUPW classes’

Even Better If

Teachers’ perspective – Blogging activity could have been more effective if conducted during SUPW class hours. Team Blogging could have been attempted. VC’s with other Indian schools are not as effective as those with different countries/cultures/religions. More VC’s can be scheduled in the year, preferably partnered VC’s. This can be planned so that they get a mix of countries based on religion and culture.

Students’ perspective – ‘We would like more VC’s’, ‘A field trip connected to the project’, ‘More hands on activities and maybe games’, ‘Less ppts and details’.

The project helped inculcate to inculcate among many the following values and leadership qualities in students. To imbibe the attitudes/values of caring and inspirational leaders

  • To be sensitive, perceptive, kind, generous, caring and tolerant
  • To takes decisions which are ethical, just, responsible and inspirational

Class: XI                   

Teachers in charge: Ms. Sarayu, Ms. B.R. Sasikala, Ms. Chitra Mohankumar, Ms. Padmaja Mani

Project: School Business Enterprise (Rags to Bags) 

The students will be able to

  • Develop a sustainable business idea
  • Learn the skills involved in setting up and managing a business
  • Reuse and Recycle
  • Use the profits generated from the business activity for charitable purposes

The project is linked to the Global issue: Trade, Investment and Competition rules.

Students’ perspective

Some of the students felt that it would have been better if they had chosen their own activities in their groups and worked on it. More professional help in addition to the one provided by the external facilitators, Mr.Badri Seshadri, founder of Cricinfo and Ms. Jyothi might have made this venture a fruitful one.

ASISC TN Regional Quiz Competition 2014, Moderator: Mr. Ramanan

Harmony 2014 Interschool Events Debate, Chess and Street Play organized by tGELF

Verba Maximus 2015 Inter-School Debate and Spelling Bee Competition conducted by interact club of BITS Hyderabad

  1. Trips & Outbound Tours

3 to 7 Nov Students of class IX, X & XI going on an excursion to Uttaranchal and Thiruvannamalai.

  1. Resource Room & Counseling:

OT junior campus. Proposal for the senior campus

  1. FUN FEST 2015 – Annual Charity Carnival 

Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam held its Annual Charity Carnival – FUN FEST 2015 in February  

Game and food stalls the cultural program by the students of the school drew close to 1500 children and parentsto the event, raising a staggering 2 lakhs fifteen thousand rupees for deserving causes.

The event, organized completely by parent volunteers, comprised of the following core team:

Finance – Durga, Bhuvaneshwari and Sujatha

Games and Food stalls – Anu Sriram, Janani, Pavithra and Anitha

Sponsors and Gift stalls – Geetha

Cultural program – Kanakapriya

Venue arrangements – Ram Kishore

Publicity – Manali

Entry and coupons – Sripriya

Overall coordinators – Nudrath, Rajani, Shalini and Latha

Many other parent volunteers enthusiastically participated in helping out as and when needed. Our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their efforts and relentless spirit.

Each year, the complete proceeds of the carnival and funds raised through collection drives, the tGELF fair for a cause, interact club initiatives, DFC, SUPW. Etc is donated to various  organizations. Some of them are

  1. Siraggu Montessori School
  2. Real charitable Trust, thiruverkkadu
  3. Dal,Oil, Sugar scheme for the cancer patients in Adayar
  4. Olcott memorial School, Besant Nagar
  5. Freedom Trust
  6. Eureka School, Kalpakkam
  7. Kashmir Flood Relief through tGELF

Student Achievers

Siddarth Sridhar

Academic Achievements 

In Allen Champ 2014 (a honouring and mentoring initiatives by ALLEN Career Institute, Kota), based on my achievements for the academic year 2013 – 14 (Class VIII), I was declared 1st in India.

In the Olympiads conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), I secured International Ranks 9, 80 and 16 respectively in NCO, NSO and IMO.

In the National Geography Olympiad conducted by IBGB Learning Society, I secured national rank 5 and I have been selected for the national finals.

As a part of selection of an Indian team for the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO), International Math Olympiad (IMO) and International Astronomy Olympiad Junior (IAO), Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Mumbai conducts 3 levels of selection. In the Junior Science Olympiad, I cleared the first level of selection and was among the national top 1% in the second level of selection (Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO)). In the Junior Astronomy Olympiad, I have been selected for the final level of selection as among the top 30 students in India based on my performance in Indian National Astronomy Olympiad (INAO). I also was selected for the second level of the Mathematics Olympiad (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO)).

In the Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ) conducted by The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (ANCQ), I received a plaque award for my performance.

I also secured All India Rank 5 in the Maths Scholarship Exam conducted by Dream World India and all India Rank 19 in the Maths Talent Search Exam (MTSE) conducted by IISMA

Sports Achievements 2014 -15

My first achievement in Chess in the academic year 2014 – 15 was winning the 9th place in the 9th KCF FIDE rating chess tournament (for below 1600 rating) in the Under 14 category.

I competed among around 700 participants (around 50 of them were in the under 14 years category) and finished with a score of 6.5 points out of 9 and was 9th in the Under 14 category.

In July, I surpassed my previous performance by winning the 3rd place in the Under 14 category in the 10th KCF FIDE rating chess tournament (for below 1600 rating). I also achieved a FIDE rating of 1472.

My best achievement in chess in this academic year was winning in the national finals of Mind Games in Harmony 2014 conducted by tGELF. Vishwa R and I won the regional finals in Chennai and participated in the national finals and won the competition.

I also came 6th in the Under 15 category in the Vishy Anand Chess Academy one day tournament and I was placed 14th in the Under 15 category in the Mylapore Club – Murugappa State Level Children’s Chess Tournament.

Other Extra – Curricular Achievements

In the ASISC regional level quiz, Harsh Yadav and I were placed second in the Junior Category.

In Flipper Fest 2014 conducted by Tree Foundation India, Harsh Yadav and I won the first place in the PPT.

Presentation Contest:

In FORAYS 2015 conducted by IIT Madras, I won the second place in the Math Treasure hunt with Harsh Yadav and I also was placed second in the Math Olympiad.

2. Sunanda – Write – Up on Super Singer

My journey through Super Singer Junior 4 (Vijay TV) was a lifetime experience. I, as a participant, had many opportunities to prove my singing talent on a stage alone, against the natural nervousness within you that blasts out in full speed when you know everyone’s eyes are on you and only you.

The most advantageous part of my Super Singer Junior Journey was the enhancement of my natural aesthetic singing skills by Super Singer’s Voice Trainer, Anand Vaidyanathan. Throughout the journey, he has taught all of us participants how to develop a professional quality of singing in an altruistic manner.

There were some times of ambivalence, when as participants we did not know whether to feel good or anxious about the next rounds. If we had gotten a chocolate shower in the previous round, we would feel good or better, confident that we would perform well in the next round. But if we did not do well in the previous round, discouragement or anxiousness would take over the confidence.

If there had not been such politics in this season, it would in total have been a way more not able experience.

3. Saindhavi Venugopal – Playwriting – British Council

As a student of tenth standard, I can honestly say that I was stunned by the proposition of participation in British Council’s School Drama Programme. Apprehensive as I might have been at first, it was definitely the experience of a lifetime, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. My classmates and I were guided and mentored by Mr. Dushyanth of Creashakthi, who was enthusiastic and insightful while being sensitive to each of our capabilities. It was a journey of six months, and it definitely paid off. I started off by writing the script for the play, for the very first time. There was definitely a lot of confusion and turmoil involved in the process, but with the inputs of Mr. Dushyanth and Meenakshi Acharya, we made it to the end. Four scenes and 20 pages later, I felt like I had really accomplished something like never before! As for acting in the play, it was unexpected, no doubt, but one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had, as we had the privilege of sharing the stage with artists from Creashakthi as well. It was my first venture into the world of theatre professionally, and I know I’ll definitely be back for more! :)

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